iCarCheck: An Essential App For Car Buyers

iCarCheck: An Essential App For Car Buyers


iCarCheck iPhone App Review
If you are in the market to buy a new car, (well, new to you at least!), then you could do a hell of a lot worse than downloading the free iPhone app iCarCheck, which will give you a complete ‘Car History Check’ by simply entering the car’s number plate into the app.

This really is so helpful if you are eyeing up a supposed bargain and are worried that it’s too good to be true, i.e. it’s had a history of faults/it’s wanted by the police. Concurrently, if you are selling a car, you can ensure that you are providing accurate details that won’t be found out to be false, (probably by someone else with this app!)

Essentially, how iCarCheck works is very simple; the app itself is free, however you pay a fee for each vehicle that you assess, which comes at a tiered price range, (Basic – £2.99, Gold -£4.99, Gold+Valuation – £6.99). Each package has additional benefits and more thorough checks the more the price rises; however, if you are willing to part with thousands of pounds then you should probably spring for the Gold deal to make sure that you know where your money’s going.

Pros: You can search any car’s history at the touch of a few buttons for a relatively cheap cost; this is incredibly useful!

Cons: It’s only available in the UK for now, with a proposed move to the US in 2012


  1. Tried it this morning, nice little app,checked my own car and luckily my car has no negative marks! would recommend a search, just for piece of mind


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