Apple Apps Store Downloads Crosses 1.5 Billion

Apple Apps Store Downloads Crosses 1.5 Billion

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Apple is undoubtedly the fastest growing company in the past decade. Its MacBook and operating system Linux were the first to make a huge dent in Microsoft’s market share. Then came iPhone and iPad and completely eclipsed the market. But nobody could have seen this coming; Apple announced this Wednesday that App store downloads have crossed the impossible 15 billion mark.

The legend, the story, the success

App store is like a hub of all the activity that happens on internet. There is not a single stream of life that is left untouched by it. Ranging from Apps assisting doctors to providing fashion tips, it offers everything to everybody. The best part, most of the applications are available free of cost. Only 27% of the applications are charged applications. The current number of applications offered is estimated at around 425,000. These applications are functional across platforms like cell phones, smartphones, desktops and laptops. According to some estimates there are over 200 million iPhone, iPod and iPad’s in the morning.

As per the official statement released by Apple this Wednesday, more than 15 billion apps have been downloaded from its App store since its launch. The iPad alone is supported by an astounding 100,000 apps.

The revolutionary approach

Apple is indeed the harbinger of all the innovation that floats around in the market. It snatched that tag from Microsoft years ago. Whether it is the fact that it creates its hardware or its unique approach towards the market, Apple’s every move draws buzz. One reason behind the amazing success of Apps store is the profit sharing model. This model is only one of its kinds. According to the official statement, it has Apple has paid around $2.5 billion to app developers. This chunk forms 70 percent of all the revenue that Apple has generated with the sale of its applications. Market pundits and experts have commended this generous approach. No other big corporation has ever been this forthcoming in sharing its profits.

The range of applications

Apple’s applications are very comprehensive in their approach and usage. Thought the applications serves almost all the online, computing and information purposes. They can still be classified into 20 broad categories, this includes games, entertainment, fashion, education, travel etc. as mentioned earlier App store are indeed the hubs for all major activities. A one stop solution to provide you with all the relevant software’s.

The road ahead

It is beyond doubt that Apple’s iOS is the most used and popular operating system in the tablet section. If experts are to be believed tablets are soon going to replace laptops. In that scenario Apple will be able to take over the entire market from Microsoft Corporation. A sign of this change is the unprecedented sales of iPads that have crossed the magical mark of 25 million users. The sales are only going up with every passing month. The latest figures are still not available but it is beyond doubt that if the market ever reaches its tipping point for iPads. Apple is going to make the most of it.

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