5 Study Hacks That Can Help You Finish Your Assignments On Time

5 Study Hacks That Can Help You Finish Your Assignments On Time


Students just love leaving things until the last minute. Whether it’s catching a bus or writing an essay, young people can’t seem to get it together in a timely manner, resulting in acute stress, gallons of coffee and many an all-nighter. That’s all well and good; it’s part of the college experience, and a good learning process for life outside the education system. But sometimes you get an assignment you really need to ace. You know a twelve a.m. start and an eight a.m. finish won’t cut it for this one; it’s time to get serious. So if you’re currently facing down one of these sticklers, here are five little hacks you can apply to your own assignments to get you over the line on time.

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Implement a Reward System

This one requires a bit of self-discipline, but it can be extremely effective if you’ve got the will for it. Simply think of something you really want to do, or somewhere you really want to go, and put it off until after you finish your allotted workload. You’ll be blazing through in no time at all; generally, the better the reward, the faster you’ll get through the work. It’s amazing what our minds are capable of when we’re focused.

Better Early than Never

Here’s an easy one; start the assignment early! Put fingers to keyboard the very night you’re given the work; you’ll be surprised how much more relaxed and productive you feel when you have all the (relative) time in the world.

Switch Your Phone Off

Smartphones are very useful in many various ways, but they are unfortunately a distraction. Our attention spans have decreased to the point where we can barely resist opening Facebook or Instagram the second our brain becomes bored with what we’re doing. Writing a good essay or studying effectively requires focused thought; so try switching your phone off or leaving it in the other room. This goes for laptops as well; there are sites which will block your internet for a couple of hours. Use them!

Get Someone to Write it For You

But the internet can also be a beautiful thing. If all else fails and you need to call in the reinforcements, you can get someone to write an essay for you. There are numerous sites out there to help you with the workload; a guardian angel like essaylab.com provides the best college essay help, leaving you footloose and stress-free.

Always Work in the Same Spot

A great way to focus your mind is to always work in the same spot. When you do this, you condition your brain to go into work mode anytime you sit down at your desk. Try to avoid working when you’re sprawled on your bed; you’ll undoubtedly procrastinate. Make your body learn that when you sit down to work, you’re there to work!


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