5 Apps That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

5 Apps That Will Make Your Life Much Easier



We all need a helping hand in this busy day and age, so why not lean on what’s already in your hand – your smartphone?! These five apps will help you get through the day and, in the case of a few of them, even connect you with your friends, family and strangers all around the world.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the UK’s most popular messaging apps, and the Android version has clocked up nearly five million downloads to date. Watsapp uses your data allowance to make calls and send messages, meaning that calling or messaging over your home wifi or a wifi hotspot is absolutely free. It’s messaging interface allows for group conversations and has lots of cool emojis. The first year is free, but even after the free trial period the fee is nominal, and WhatsApp will pay for itself in no time.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is used in many workplaces, and the mobile version is therefore useful for remote workers and those who work on the go. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on are separate apps, so each user can choose which applications they require. Microsoft has worked hard to make it’s keystone productivity software mobile compatible, and it shows. If you are concerned that ‘ghosts in the machine’ will mess up the formatting on your documents, for example, then worry not; Microsoft has it covered. The Powerpoint app is specially designed to help speakers review and practice their presentations, too. An excellent set of productivity apps, even more so if you have an Office 365 subscription – enjoy the seamless integration!


Uber is, quite simply, a phenomenon. Although it is a single function app, that function has proved to be irresistible for up to 50m Google Play users. The oldies among us will remember the chilly frustration of waiting at a taxi rank or trying to hail down a cab after a night out, or even having to phone a taxi and wait for it at a designated spot. With Uber, those nightmares are over. You can call a cab to your specific location and even pay for it via the app. Uber is not available in all cities yet, but if it remains popular (and we think it will) then there’s hope, at least, that the dank and dirty taxi ranks of old will be consigned to the same rubbish bin as Mini-discs and penny farthings.

Energy Provider Apps

Energy providers’ apps generally provide the same functions as their websites, but using a far more convenient mobile platform. For example, the First Utility App allows customers to view and pay their bills, submit meter readings, monitor their energy usage over time, and even access emergency information. This could literally save your day if you have a power outage or other energy related emergency. Energy suppliers’ apps are therefore a must-have for anybody who cares about saving energy and saving money on their energy bills.


mySupermarket is a popular app that allows shoppers to compare prices across eleven different UK stores. This app is great for those who want to get the best deals on their weekly shop – and who doesn’t? The big supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Aldi, and Iceland) are all present in the app, along with Boots, Superdrug, and Poundland. You can either compare the price of your entire shopping list or look at individual items. You can even compare prices while shopping by scanning the barcodes of your desired items on your smartphone.