Top 10 Entertainment Apps of 2016

Top 10 Entertainment Apps of 2016


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One of the best aspects of the modern smartphone is that it so quickly gives you access to solid entertainment. When you have some free time to fill with some fun it pays to have the right apps installed on your phone. Here are the top 10 entertaining apps of 2016. Download the ones you’re missing!

1. BBC Radio Player

If you fancy a good radio show on the go this is a safe bet. With BBC you get interesting programs to listen into from your phone. With this app you can also catch up on any BBC radio program aired within the last 7 days.

2. Cheltenham Sportsbook Bet Calculator

If you are into sports betting and horse racing this is a must have. This is a bet calculator specifically designed for the Cheltenham horse racing festival. Horse races are amazing and this app makes it super easy for you to find the winning per odds.

3. Sky Live

You can get a free subscription for your iPhone, Android or iPad and get entertainment from Sky Live TV. This means sports, movies and more right on your phone. Just make sure to use it when you are really available, such as during a break or at home while chilling out on the couch.

4. 888’s Poker App

Who doesn’t enjoy a good card game now and then? With the 888 poker app you can play video poker from your phone whenever the need to play an easy poker game arises. The rules are easy to understand and if you are good you could even make some nice money from your poker skills.

5. Online Bingo

This is a game that anyone can enjoy and that you should have easily accessible on your phone. This online bingo app provides you with the classic bingo games and smart playing options for different types of players.

6. Online Slots

Just like bingo, online slots are easy to get started with. Find the themes that jumpstart your imagination the most and get going with them. If you are lucky you might win thousands of coins in one spin…

7. WhatsApp

Let your friends and family entertain you with their best clips and comments. This app is a must have for anyone with a mobile telephone; It makes every day so much better!

8. Flixter

If you want to keep an eye on the movies but prefer to see them in a movie theater you will like this app that informs you of the movies up next in your local movie theater.

9. Comixology comics

Marvel and DC comics are your cup of tea? Then you will want to have this app on your phone to enjoy the comics for free at any time. This is one of the biggest comics readers available for people who just love to read and re-read the episodes featuring their favorite characters.

10. Flipboard news

Are you a news junkie? This is the best form of entertainment to many and if you feel the need to know what is happening anywhere, anytime, the Flipboard news app will be one of your favorite choices.

And a bonus 11th tip for great entertaining app…

11. Animals for Kids Forest

Let’s not forget about the little ones. If you have kids you probably need something on your phone to keep them entertained when you need a few moments of quiet. This is an app that suits all ages and lets the kids clean habitats from trash and get rewarded for it. Educational and loads of fun!


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