I’d Definitely Hit That Dot

I’d Definitely Hit That Dot


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You know what they say. Sometimes, the classics are the best. Keeping it simple is the easiest option, don’t overcomplicate things, etc; this is tried and tested advice, applicable since time immemorial. Well, Hit The Dot, certainly follows those rules. If app games were art, this one would be a shockingly minimalist piece of contemporary fare. It’s one of the simplest games I’ve come across, and yet it’s also very addictive, challenging, and as is often the case with the classic games, a lot deeper than it first appears. It’s out now on iOS.

So, the mechanic of Hit The Dot, is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, all there in the title. The objective is to flick a little dot into a bigger circle. That’s it. The first couple of levels are nice and straightforward, to get you into the swing of the game; but be warned, things get very hard, very fast, and of course, as it gets harder, it gets that little bit more addictive. Adding to the pressure is a timer on top of the screen, which you’ve always got to keep one eye on.

The game soon starts throwing obstacles at you, and soon you’ll be having to bounce your dot off walls to try and avoid barriers of other dots, and land the hit in the target circle. I reckon people who are good at pool and snooker would instinctively grasp the game and be able to line up their shots well, as it’s the same kind of thinking; for people who are not that good at pool or snooker, or indeed hopeless at it, like little ol’ Eric here, it unfortunately takes a little longer to master.

The interface is basic and plain, but it doesn’t need to be flashy. The focus here is on the central mechanic of landing the dot in the circle, and there’s enough inventiveness in the…courses, I suppose that’s the right word, to keep you interested. You can play to beat your own high score, or indeed challenge a friend’s score and lay them to waste as you go. Hopefully. The game provides a nice little engaging distraction, and you can whip it out for short, casual games or sit down for a proper session and try and set a new high score. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any stretch, but what it does it does very well.

Flick over to the App Store and land a hit today!