4 Apps That Help Lawyers Be More Efficient

4 Apps That Help Lawyers Be More Efficient


Being a lawyer is stressful enough and time is extremely valuable. In today’s world of technology there are many ways to increase efficiency which is important in all fields and especially in the legal field. Applications are not just for playing extremely fun and addicting game but they are also for organizing and making a person’s life much easier. Although many lawyers would love to play Candy Crush all day, they have more important things to do and these things can be helped along by applications. The following are some of the best apps that make lawyers lives much easier.


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iTimekeep is a great app for those who bill by the hours as it can keep time accurately and integrate into time and billing systems. Many lawyers might worry about the privacy concerns that transmitting data over a mobile app might present. If you are a medical malpractice attorney then you have nothing to worry about as the app is up to date with all HIPAA standards. It is also safe to use as it adheres to the American Bar Association standards as well as a majority of banking standards. This takes care about having to keep tedious track of your time for billing and thus saves quite a lot of time and all lawyers know that time is money.


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Fastcase is free and it is a legal research application which only adds to a lawyer’s efficiency. While waiting for a case or doing anything else the lawyer can research their current caseload. The application has statutes and cases from every state in the United States. It even has some cases and statutes that only apply on a federal level. Researching cases can be done on your phone rather than in a law library or on a computer. This app is available on most major operating systems including Apple, Android, and Windows.

Docs To Go

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Docs To Go lets any Android user edit any Adobe PDF files as well as any files that is part of the MS Office suite. For a lawyer with a lot of paperwork and traveling this can mean you can upload a file to a cloud and a partner or assistant can access it immediately. This can expedite many processes and lead to clients coming back time and again. Many lawyers who deal with real estate could benefit from this as much of the hold up in getting property bought comes from the time it takes everyone to get together and sign papers.

Presentation Clock

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Although Presentation Clock could benefit anyone, lawyers who talk in front of people for trials or presentations can immensely benefit from this. Having a presentation or even cross examination timed out and practiced repeatedly with this app. If you tend to get lost during a presentation or anything of that nature then this app can help by flashing colors that can tell you to wrap it up.

There are a plethora of tools that lawyers can use in the app world. If you as a lawyer are not using any app then you are doing yourself a disservice as it can help make your life and job much more efficient. Whether you are a personal injury lawyer or an aviation accident attorney, apps can change the way you do your job.


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