Family Orbit – Keep Your Family Right by Your Side

Family Orbit – Keep Your Family Right by Your Side



Keeping tabs on your family is important. Creating that bond which links every family member with one another helps the family network tight and under wraps. Imagine a Facebook or a social media website where the only friends you have are members of your own family.

Family Orbit should not be viewed as some kind of privacy invader that tries to keep the kids in check, but more a link when you simply have to get in touch with your other family members.

We found Family Orbit particularly useful when away on a family holiday. The teenage kids really don’t want to spend the entire day and evening hanging around with their parents, so they should be allowed to roam free and check out the amusement arcades, cinema or seafront areas. Family Orbit lets mom and dad know exactly where they are at all times.

So, for peace of mind and a way to keep all your children and other family members in check, Family Orbit pretty much nails it. There is a family wall where all events and newsfeed going on within the family is automatically updated. The usefulness of this app knows no bounds. Family members with upcoming birthdays can post gift ideas a week or two before the big day – letting other members in the family know exactly what to buy when shopping around for that special gift.

Simply log in to the app and discover what each family member is doing and where they are currently at. Family Orbit even allows child accounts where the little ones can have images and videos monitored by the parent. Also, any contact added to the child account can be seen by the parent.

It’s also handy to check on your school-going children. Family Orbit allows for the creation of a “Family Place” so that you get to receive a push notification every time they check in and check out; that’s very handy if you want to know if your child is making their way home after school or has actually arrived at the gates in the morning.

Adult accounts can switch the privacy controls on or off whereas the child accounts have to be monitored by the parents. The only thing we did not like about the app was the 10-member limit on each family; that’s not practical if your family size is beyond that.


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