4 Apps That Are More Fun Than TV

4 Apps That Are More Fun Than TV


TV used to be the go-to entertainment for the generation previous to this one; however, with the rise of smartphones, iPads and laptops, that’s no longer proving to be the case. And with good reason; these new screens on the block can provide just as much, if not more, entertainment than ye olde television set. Even though quality TV programmes are still being made, audiences are rarely consuming them through traditional television sets; instead they turn to apps. So, with that in mind, here are five apps that are more fun than TV.

1 – YouTube

TV’s true successor is by far more fun. YouTube offers bitesize pieces of throwaway entertainment, as well as more serious fare like a host of intellectual Ted Talks, lectures and video essays, tucked away in amongst the hilarious cat and dog videos. There’s no denying that this app can make any long journey or wait bearable, and can usually make you laugh within seconds if that’s what you’re looking for.

2 – Instagram

Instagram is a beautiful collage of photos and pictures that provides a succinct glimpse into a friend, associate or indeed total stranger’s life. It’s possible to scroll through Instagram’s bright and vivd timeline for hours at a time, with most people in the world signing up and curating their profiles. Instagram can showcase really breathtaking shots and photographs, as well as providing a day to day look into interesting people’s lives; TV just can’t beat that addictive mix!

3 – Crashlands

There are hundreds of thousands of gaming apps out there, to suit all players. Whether you’re into online gambling and like taking shots in places like Swanky Bingo, or prefer the more traditional fare of Angry Birds, there’s definitely something for you. Crashlands is a highly addictive little game where you must tame bizarre aliens and fashion weapons out of them. More exciting and imaginative than TV, and the best part is, you get to play the leading role!

4 – Facebook

Dangerously addictive, Facebook has become part of our hive mind at this stage, and going by the numbers, it seems we certainly deem this social network far more entertaining than regular television. It’s exciting to see what your friends are up to, and also interesting to discover new content and articles that they post up on their timelines. Combining the best of social interaction, funny and interesting videos, and a slice of gossip and intrigue, it’s safe to say that Facebook has dominated TV; and we’re not complaining!