Skooba: Online Dating For The Head And The Heart

Skooba: Online Dating For The Head And The Heart


I’ve tried many different dating apps but have found that the general trend in online dating is moving more and more toward the superficial ‘swipe left/right’ based on nothing more than a few snaps and moving away from things such as compatibility, mutual hobbies, and personality. Skooba has differentiated itself from this trend putting the focus back where I think it ought to be: on people, not on people’s faces.

The app finds people near you and, in chronological order (think Instagram), shows you both photos and videos that they have posted, along with any caption they choose to accompany the post with. You can like the photos and videos of those near you – like on most social media platforms.

And that’s exactly the intention – to create an online dating platform that replicates as best it can, the socially-focused, in-person dating of times past. Yet it still gives you everything that you have come to want and expect from online dating. It gives everyone their best shot at expressing who they are and what they like to do, not through long bios that often don’t give accurate reflections of people; many people just don’t know what to say nor how to say it, they wish they could just show it; many people wish they could be represented by more than just static profile pics, they think ‘if only they could see how cool I am…’ And now they can!

When someone likes a photo or video of yours, you’ll get a nudge and you’ll be able to check out the profile of the person in adoration of you. Here you can check out all their posts.

The app links to your Facebook account and also requires your location. However both of these requirements are unintrusive: nothing will give away to your Facebook friends that you’re on a dating app, and the app only uses your location while you’re using the app in order to link you to people in your area. So head to the App Store, type in Skooba, and download this impressive app. It’ll completely change your dating life for the better.