3 Hottest Lifestyle Gadgets For Millennials

3 Hottest Lifestyle Gadgets For Millennials



In this day and age it can be hard for young people to get by; after the recession hit, we saw fewer jobs for less money, resulting in a wave of unemployment and job dissatisfaction. However, millennials are nothing if not resilient and still being young and full of life they bandied together and created a wave of innovation in the form of startups funded by grass-root, kick-starter campaigns and crowdfunding. So now, in 2017, we have a plethora of different lifestyle gadgets to help make the day-to-day more fun, enjoyable and most importantly: a little easier. Here’s our top pick of the 21st century must-haves!

The TrackR Bravo key-chain device locator is an absolute goer for any of the disorganised 20-somethings out there. This neat little tracking gadget enables you to find everything from your keys and wallet to your pet or segway. Before leaving your keys in the fridge/couch cushion/coat check at Vegas Palms online casino (delete as appropriate), simply slip the bravo speaker onto your key-chain, so that the next time that you’re frantically searching for them you’ll be make it in time for that all important job interview by accessing the Bravo app on your smartphone and have it send out a signal to your key tracker, which will emit a noise. Just remember Occam’s razor folks – the simplest solution is often the best one.

With the multi-platform forces of social media pressuring you to always look your best, the emphasis on exercise and healthy living is at an all time high. But gym memberships can be expensive, no matter how much you might be winning every night at Vegas Palms online casino, and if you’ve fallen in with the ever-popular yoga trend then you might be seeing an unsustainable amount of your monthly income going towards classes. This is where SmartMat comes in: part yoga fitness tracker, part personal instructor, SmartMat will give you the confidence to take yourself through a yoga session without the aid of an instructor. The mat’s software calibrates your body’s dimensions using sensors on its surface, then, after you chose your workout, the mat guides you through your chosen class and corrects you if your posture is out. If you’re keen to get stretching solo then you can pre-order your mat here.


Last but not least: tying back to the healthy living pressures mentioned earlier, the PrepPad by the Orange Chef company is a handy little kitchen device for anyone trying (and failing) to stick to their new diet. The pad cleverly weighs all of the ingredients in your meal and syncs the information to an app on your i-device, where it gives you an item-by-item nutritional breakdown. If your dish contains too much of something then the corresponding Countertop app will tell you how much of a certain ingredient that you need to remove e.g. 100 grams of melted cheese…

To check out the other gadgets that are on the market head over to techcred.co.uk for some more inspiration and if you think we’ve missed anything out, please let us know in the comments section below.


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