3 Ways To Make Sure You’re Never Bored With An iPhone

3 Ways To Make Sure You’re Never Bored With An iPhone


Sometimes life gets us into situations where our smartphone is our only friend. Maybe you’re praying on that bus that was meant to arrive half an hour ago, or maybe you’re kicking your heels, waiting for that one friend who’s always late. Whatever the case may be, it’s a fact that, occasionally, our smartphone is the only way to relieve acute cases of boredom. So here are three foolproof ways to make sure your interest never wanes when you’re fiddling with your phone.

1 – Play Games

Sure, you could always call someone from your phone, but that’s very early 2000s. Smartphones these days offer us so much more, from video-watching to game-playing. There are literally thousands of different types of games available for smartphones, so whatever your gaming preference, there’s definitely something to take your fancy in the App Store or Google Play. Whether you like training Magikarp to jump, helping small animals across a crowded, potentially-fatal road or exploring the essential nature of gambling, there are options aplenty for games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

2 – Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are emerging as one of the primary narrative forms of recent years. Addictive blockbusters like Serial and Welcome to Night Vale have carved the way for podcasts to be taken seriously by a continually evolving and rabid audience. And crucially, they’re cheap to create, which means they’re pretty much everywhere, covering every subject you could care to think of. Quality varies between ‘casts, but a quick google search will give you the top offerings in your area of interest, leaving you free to while away countless non-boredom filled hours.

3 – Learn a Language

Your phone can pretty much do everything these days, including teaching you a language. In fact, they’re a great little device to learn from. With interactive modes a plenty, there’s many different ways to learn all about any language you care to choose. The best app out there at the moment and undisputed king of language learning software is undoubtedly Duolingo, a free app which can have you speaking a variety of languages in a matter of weeks, by practising just a few minutes a day.


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