Get Rich or Die Trying with Fully Realised Virtual Casino AiMacau!

Get Rich or Die Trying with Fully Realised Virtual Casino AiMacau!


Having grown painfully tired of watching slack-jawed bozos less talented than I rein in the winnings on online poker tournaments, I decided to become the master of my own destiny and stop being a similarly slack-jawed observer shouting my tips and tricks at the much-abused computer screen. In my quest to get up off my ass and try my (hopefully) lucky hand at gambling, I came across AiMacau, the new casino app from SOA games.

Firstly, let me tell you this. AiMacau is about as packed with casino games as any app can be. You got all the big guys in there like poker and blackjack as well as roulette tables, slot games and the devilishly tempting jackpot (I have yet to win this but will continue to slave away until I do).

If you feel that way inclined, you can play multiplayer with your friends or against other people playing in the same casino. I find due to the competitive nature of the game, if you want to really annihilate someone you’re better off going head to head with a player than you don’t know. This way you’re protecting your treasured friendships as well as creating some all important online rivalries – the most fulfilling type of relationship there is.

Personally, I especially love the glory aspect of AiMacau. Not only do you get an stunning display of graphics every time you win – accompanied by a much deserved fanfare – you also get to add your name to the daily leaderboard to bask in the glory of being the best in the business. Unfortunately, the leaderboard can also be the source of intense frustration as you grind your way up it only to have a newcomer come in and absolutely slam your best score. I’ve found the best way to overcome this problem is become seamlessly addicted to the game as then you won’t have a problem with spending all your hours smashing everyones top score, forever cementing yourself as the alpha player.

Whilst the playability of this game is excellent, where it really stands out from the crowd is with its graphics. Everything from the home screen to the roulette tables to the winning screens are decked out in stunning colours and animations – a real feast for the eyes.

If you’ve always dreamed about heading to Vegas to splash some serious cash in the casinos, I’d suggest you work on your technique with this app first as it’s only simulated gambling (so no cash out) and is free to download. Everything I’ve learned has honed my gambling skills and I know that I’ll absolutely smash Caesars Palace (if I ever make it there).

Go all in on the Google Play store and download AiMacau for free now!


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