Stifle Your Wardrobe Rage And Choose The Perfect Outfit With Outfit Gurus

Stifle Your Wardrobe Rage And Choose The Perfect Outfit With Outfit Gurus


I don’t think I could count up the amount of time I have spent languishing in front of my wardrobe willing an outfit to come into being. If I were to guess, I think I could safely say that the amount of time I’ve spent choosing outfits far outlasts the cumulative amount of time that I’ve spent at the events that the outfits were destined for. Like a ray of sunshine on a damned, dreary day, Outfit Gurus came into my life. To put it briefly, I am borderline obsessed with this app. Any stress that I’ve ever had about choosing an outfit for an event has *poof* evaporated meaning that I can spend my pre-event time more wisely.

The way this app works is pretty simple. You upload pictures of all the clothes in your closet to the ‘My Closet’ section of the app, write a brief outline of the event you’re going to in the ‘Need Advice’ section and voilá, outfit suggestions will start pouring into your inbox in no time. The wonderful, beautiful advisors on the app will sift through your endless wardrobe and create stunning outfits for you to choose from – sounds dreamy right?

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As I can be fashionably challenged after a hard days work, this app saves me from myself and my inevitable fashion disasters. My tactic for getting the most out of this app is sending out a desperate call for help on a Thursday morning, scrolling through the suggestions as I tuck into a salad at lunch then trying on the perspective outfits later that night. This gives me tonnes of time to select the perfect outfit before my event rolls around that weekend.

If you’re like me and can’t stand the thoughts of another bout of outfit indecision then this app will become your new best friend. I was skeptical at first that it wouldn’t quite be able quell the blood boiling frustration that I get when I can’t stand anything in my wardrobe but to my much welcome surprise, it really did.

Great job Outfit Gurus for making me less homicidal when the weekend hits and potentially saving the life of my ‘just wear whatever’ boyfriend.

So join in on the fashion bliss and strut over to the App Store or Google Play and download Outfit Gurus for free today!


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