4 Apps That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

4 Apps That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of year again. Christmas and New Year are long in our rear view mirror, but the summer is still a ways off. Never fear though, because throughout regions all over the world, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and cuddly toys as far as the eye can see are being manufactured at a break-neck speed. It could only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day.

That’s right, February 14th: the day many spend in the arms of loved ones, eating good food and drinking fine wine long into the night, smiling at one another as they wonder what they did to deserve this kind of happiness. Alternatively, others pass the time by scrolling through ‘forever alone’ Facebook memes, laughing through gritted teeth as they try to ignore the pain.

Whether your idea of a romantic night in is being curled up in front of an open fireplace, or basking in the glow of your computer screen as you and your loved one spend some alone time betting at the Fruity King online casino, there’s an array of apps to make that time even more special.

Here are 4 apps perfect for Valentine’s Day.

1. OpenTable

The number one activity for couples to partake in come Valentine’s Day is going for a romantic night out at a restaurant. OpenTable allows you to discover, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations from your smart device. Sort results by location, price, and availability, while browsing photos, reviews, and menus. As comprehensive as it is convenient, OpenTable is an invaluable tool at your disposal.


2. Couple

Couple provides intimate connectivity the way other apps do not. Ideal for those couples who spend frequent time apart, it provides all the usual ways of digital co munication, but with some fresh twists. Sketch together in real-time, build a private timeline of your history together, and even send a ‘ThumbKiss’ by touching the same spot of your phone’s screen (viewing your partner’s thumbprint and feeling a small vibration).

3. Double Player for Music with Headphones

You love your significant other more than anything, but your feelings towards their taste in music are a different matter entirely. If you find yourselves curled up on the sofa, with he only thing missing being that one (or two) songs that would make the moment perfect, Double Player has you covered. Independently listen to two different songs at the same time through separate earphones. Control individual playlists and never fight over life’s soundtrack again.

I Just Made Love

4. I Just Made Love

If there’s a more appropriately named app on app stores, I’m yet to find it. I Just Made Love lets you share your love across the world. Did you and your Valentine’s Day companion just get it on? Why not mark it on a map, letting everyone know where, when, and how it went down. Furthermore, you can see everyone else’s marked locations for their bedroom (or not) activity, and even leave comments. Love really is all around.