Which Apps Are Eating Up Your Data?

Which Apps Are Eating Up Your Data?



Data is a precious thing for smartphone users. For those not on unlimited packages, which I would guess is about 80% of owners, then things can get very expensive very fast if you go over your limit and find yourself having to top up, usually for extremely unreasonable prices. If you want to get the most out of your data, then you should be informed about which apps are the main offenders when it comes to draining it. There are a few little tricks you can use to cut off their supply, but first let’s identify the culprits.

We can start with the obvious ones – video streaming apps such as Netflix will kill your data very fast, as will YouTube, though not as badly. These video guys are the worst at draining it, and while video quality will adjust depending on your available signal, there’s often cause for alarm if you boot up more than one video a day. Though it’s all relative; watching a film is obviously going to put a huge dent in your plan – a fifteen second humorous video, not so much.

Music streaming is similar, but of course not as heavy going, and games will more often than not run you dry, depending on how big they are. Smaller games, such as casino rooms and bingo (free no deposit bingo at houseofbingo), won’t use up as much, whereas MMORPGs and heavy graphics games will do more damage. However, the actual top offenders for data consumption might surprise you. What we’ve said above are the basic statistics referring to data numbers alone; however, when you factor in usage on top of the that, it’s a different story altogether.

In a recent performance report, the app that hit the top spot interns of data usage was Facebook, followed by Spotify and Instagram. While these social media apps may appear to be conservative on the outside, it all depends on how much you use them. It makes sense that our most used apps are the ones costing us the most in terms of data. So the bottom line is; the video streaming apps are the worst data users in theory – but your constant use of Facebook is most likely costing you more! Hopefully you can use this info to your advantage and save some of that data for next month’s package!


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