10 Rules for Successful Blogging In 2020

10 Rules for Successful Blogging In 2020


On the Internet, you can now find blogs on almost any topic – even about free trading signals, but not all of them are perfect. In this article, we will look at 10 basic rules that will help you quickly gain an audience and become more successful than your competitors.

1. Absence of competitors: the ability to quickly stand out with quality content.

Many agencies write very little online, they don’t want to share their experience. These are closed, conservative structures that are already in the past. 

Realizing that there was no particular competition, you need to start just writing on any topic that is not discussed in other blogs: training presentations, analytical reviews, data from various monitoring, etc.

2. All posts must be written in the first person.

It is always more pleasant to read and communicate with a person, and not to read something like this: 

Company N answers your questions. 

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

3. Topics must be unique.

Everyone loves reviews, top 10 or top 20, selection of videos, expert opinions on the latest media events, etc. Always feel free to write about something interesting like the best cryptocurrency wallet for Android.

4. Headlines should be provocative and contain cognitive dissonance.

According to statistics, people in 85% of cases read headings only – if everything is clear from the heading, then why read the entire article?

5. Posts should be small and may contain some mistakes.

An article that contains some errors and simplicity of writing is closer to the reader than the pretentious correct text of the editor. And search engines index such articles better due to the unique combination of words and spelling. It will also be easier if you use apps to blog from a mobile.

6. Many people love to watch more than to read, so it is better to convey some information to the reader in the form of presentations.

7. Help others create their blogs.

They will repay you in kind. You will be an authority for them, they will put a backlink on you, repost, like and recommend to read to your friends.

8. Agree to read pieces of training and educate people.

And always mention that listeners can find more information on your blog.

9. Remember that content is 60% of success.

10. Professional ethics.

In your blog, you should never mention references to the former places of work, agencies, clients, software development services, brands, your former or current bosses, or colleagues in a negative context. 

This is another unspoken rule and perhaps the most important for a personal blog. 

Mudding is the easiest thing to do – it will not be good for you or your career. But to say something good is always possible and necessary.

As I said, your posts don’t have to be long, so it’s time to end. 

I really hope that you found something useful for yourself in this article.


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