10 Reasons Why iOS Is Better Than Android

10 Reasons Why iOS Is Better Than Android


As an open source Mobile OS, Android is doing very well in the battle of the smartphones. This is very much unlike iPhone or iDevices. However, that does not make android superior to iOS. In fact, there are too many reasons you should opt for an iOS device.

1.) User Interface lags

Android phones suffer from lags in UI responses, even with the latest android version. Android gives equal priority to existing and new tasks. As a result, if you interrupt any ongoing task, user interface gets clogged. iOS prioritize tasks or apps if user initiate new app or task. So iOS is lot smoother than androids.

2. )Updates

Apple software updates are compatible across the devices, released even years back. So, there is less chance that your device would be outdated. But, in case of android phones you would hardly receive regular updates. The reason is hardware manufacturers and OS developers are different entity. Releasing free software updates are not profitable for them.

3.) Support and service

As an iDevice owner, you can bank on apple support for any hardware and software related glitch. Genius bars within apple stores are quite prompt too. But for android phones, hardware manufacturers or network companies can hardly service if you face any OS related troubles.

4.) Preloaded apps

Preloaded apps or bloat-wares are common events with android phones. They are not easy to get rid of even if you don’t want them. But with iOS, you can choose and discard every single app.

5.) Efficient UI

User interface in any iOS device is more intuitive from very first day. Androids are smart too but they need some teaching. More you use androids better they get.

6.) App store

You can purchase android apps from amazon. But itunes store is much more user friendly. Apps, purchased from itunes, sync with your device without any extra trouble.

7.) Device tracking

Find My iPhone or device tracking is free now with iOS. There are tracking apps for androids too. But Find My iPhone is unanimously best and free.

8.) Battery life

Better energy management in iOS provides iDevices longer battery life. Androids have not released any such effective updates. Upgraded androids do follow some energy saving techniques. But they are not as efficient as iOS.

9.) Varieties of apps

itunes store apps generally cost you money but they are more efficient in terms of usability. Quality apps also promote better user experience. But all android apps are not at par in quality with iOS apps.

10.) AirPlay

Previously it was AirTunes, which has now been upgraded to AirPlay. You can seamlessly send media to other iDevices and compatible third-party devices wirelessly. So you can steam movie anywhere within your home from one device to other compatible device.

Despite all these, iOS devices do not provide much choice in terms of hardware variety. Android phones are more affordable. So, if you wish to purchase higher end androids, then you can consider iPhone and iPad.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who is all into technology and gadgets. She is always on a look out for tech stuff and is currently hunting for the best ebook reader in the market. She is a big fan of the concept of hot rods too and her favorite is the 1933 Ford Coupe.


  1. Android gives a customizable home screen – quite similar to computer desktop – which is not the case with iOS.

    Customize, customize and customize.
    Didn’t like the keyboard, change it! There are ‘tap typing’ apps and the ‘swiping’ keyboard, whatever suits you.
    Didn’t like the home screen launcher, change it! There are many to choose from.
    Didn’t like the system app for locking the screen, well, hit the android market, one will find some really awesome apps.
    Tasker, Android’s most killing feature of phone automation, a complete control over the workings of the entire device and the apps.

    iOS gives a magical experience but with Android it’s a never ending enchanting journey, depends on the user, which one to go in for 🙂


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