Buddy Rush: Cross Platform Rushing

Buddy Rush: Cross Platform Rushing

Buddy Rush iPhone App Review
Play at home, or on the go

Buddy, where do I start? This game is the perfect combination of cartoon-comedy, and action-packed wizardry. Buddy Rush unites the iPad, iPhone, and facebook to bring you an entirely new level of accessibility (so long as you own an ios device and have a facebook account).

The game allows you to create a small character through which you’ll experience countless adventures. The game features a quest-based levelling system, and with each level you gain you are able to learn new skills making your character stronger.

Each quest can be completed 3 times, after which the ‘Hard mode’ version becomes available. This introduces tougher monsters in exchange for more experience.

The game is a hit due to the fact you’re able to pop on for 5 minutes, complete a handful of quests and leave. There’s no need for you to spend hours completing the same quests tirelessly. The developers have also introduced a feature that requires you to rest after completing 3 quests. You’re stamina bar will recharge, and then you can go back out into the wilderness to face your foes.

The game combines humour with adventure, and is set to steal you away into a fantastical world of Oblins and giant green caterpillars… Just be sure to allow Facebook to connect to the app, otherwise those fireballs aren’t goin’ nowhere.

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