10 Coolest And Weirdest Apple Tattoos

10 Coolest And Weirdest Apple Tattoos


Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with Apple. There was the initial euphoric bliss that I experienced as I ripped open my iPhone 3G’s packet and charged it up, marveling at the smooth touch screen. There was the sheer frustration at my MacBook Pro crashing during a DJ set at a party, (incredibly embarrassing, I wouldn’t recommend it…). However, after all these years I reckon that Apple and I have formed a good bond, a pleasant, reciprocal relationship where we both give each other what we want, (they give me fun toys and gadgets, I give them my hard earned cash). Nonetheless, I would never go so far as to get their logo tattooed on my skin, unlike these ten Apple fans that clearly want to show their appreciation for their favourite company for the rest of their lives!!!

1. Hard Reset

Image courtesy of chiefmag.com

2. Different Strokes

Image courtesy of theapplecollection.com

3. Apple and Pears = Lots of Stares

Image courtesy of uberreview.com

4. Like, Totally…

Image courtesy of theapplecollection.com

5. iCan Play the Keyboard

Image courtesy of designcookbook.com

6. Let Me Stand Next To Your FireWire!

Image courtesy of diceofdoom.com

7. Giving Apple the Finger?

Image courtesy of tattoolovers.files.wordpress.com

8. Plug Me In

Image courtesy of ugliesttattoes.files.wordpress.com

9. A Pot of Apples at the End of the Rainbow

Image courtesy grahamaustin.pbwork.com

10. I Got My Head Checked…

Image courtesy businessideas.net


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