Team Viewer for iPad

Team Viewer for iPad


teamviewer ipad app review

Every once-in-a-while an App comes a long that slots in to your day-to-day life in a way that feels totally intuitive and fills a hole that you were actually aware was there. Team Viewer for iPad has done exactly that; effortlessly (and without configuration) allowing you to connect to your home Mac or PC from your iPad wherever you are providing you have an internet connection.

This particular solution uses both an application on Mac / PC and an App on the iPad (whereas something like RDC Lite uses Remote Desktop without an application on the host computer), but in exchange for this you don’t have to mess around with Firewalls, Ports and IP addresses. Install the application on the host computer, enter the session number and passcode it gives you in to the iPad and you’re in!

The App itself is well-designed and offers great performance; over a good 3G connection the experience is smooth & responsive. You can easily zoom in and out using the standard pinch-to-zoom functionality and extensive keyboard keys give you the ability to combine keys to utilize keyboard shortcuts and combos (if you really want to!)

Basics covered… there are however some features that would make this an even more useful way to integrate a remote desktop app in to your workflow; things like Shared Clipboard (currently the iPad clipboard and that of the Mac/PC can’t interact) and retaining a connection when switching between apps; the iPad is a fantastic device for multi-tasking but currently if you leave this App for more than a few seconds (i.e. it notices) then you loose your connection. Not that you could have copied anything from the other App anyway!

In summary; a fantastic App that is genuinely useful and I’m excited to see some of these extras that already exist in the desktop version come across to the iPad App!



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