Robot Runner: Scrolling 2D platformer

Robot Runner: Scrolling 2D platformer

Robot Runner iPhone App Review
Run, robot, run.

I’ll admit that I had reasonably high expectations when I heard of this release. The chance to control a running robot is always one to anticipate. The first 8 training levels familiarize you with the game’s controls. Basic skills include jumping, ducking and speed boosting, all of which are controlled with the tap of a button. However, I soon found the controls and game play to be clunky. The speed of the game renders what little sense of control there is invalid as I found myself trudging through each level over and over again through trial and error. Combine this with a very small margin for error and my patience was left wearing thinner by the minute.

Aside from having to play each level numerous times in order to eventually stumble to the finish line, there is little replay value other than to try to collect enough ‘orbs’ in order to unlock ‘hyper mode’. This is basically a never-ending level that challenges you to try and set high scores by surviving for as long as possible.

Game play aside, the visuals are unimaginatively bland, though the background does change from time to time. The music would also start and stop every time I died, which was very jarring having to hear the same few seconds of the soundtrack over and over again.
With many other similar games out there being given away for free, there really is no reason to try Robot Runner.


  1. Hello I am one of the primary developer of Robot Runner. First of all thank you for taking the time out to review the game. We understand the game is very difficult for some of you, and we are tweaking the game further to make the difficulty curve more improved. Also hoping to include a difficulty select in a future update.

    Version 1.13 is now available. The difficulty has been tweaked for the earlier levels, and you can now also skip the training levels. There is a skip button in whichever training level you are in. Hyper mode is now available from the start, and you can unlock an extreme hyper mode. More hyper modes will be added.

    The graphics have been kept minimal to keep the performance of the game stable. However we will try to optimize the game further and add graphical enhancements where we can.

    Thank you again.
    H Sammak


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