10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

10 Best iPhone 4S Cases


10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

So you’ve upgraded to the latest model of the iPhone and now you want to know how best to protect it? We trialed and researched the best iPhone 4S cases on the market and compiled this list of the best of the best. But you may be wondering whether your old iPhone 4 case will fit your new iPhone 4S model? Well, the answer is, ‘sort of’! Although the body of the two phones are the same, there are subtle differences in the position of the silent and the volume key. So, if you like custom-made designs made to the exact specifications of iPhone 4S then you’ll enjoy this selection of some of the latest and best iPhone 4S cases that are specifically designed for iPhone 4S.

1. Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II Apple iPhone 4S – Men’s and Women’s

If you want the ultimate amount of protection for your iPhone 4S then you could do a lot worse than this case; tailored to both genders, the case’s hard shell has a soft finish that is almost cool to the touch, so that you can grip it with ease and not worry about it slipping out of your hand. What I really like about the style of the case is the fact that it has ‘minimal bulk’, i.e. it offers a good amount of protection but it doesn’t compromise on the lightweight design or pad it out with any ugly or unnecessary extra weight.

The women’s model come in pretty patterns!

There’s not a lot of difference between the two gender types, the women’s simply has more flowery designs, with the girls’ coming in Chandelier, Blossom (Black Base), Blossom (Cream Base) and Fairy and the boys’ being daubed in Garden print, Fly Fishing print, Bugs and Paisley. Choose your colour wisely; with this case’s durability, you’re bound to have it for a long, long time.

By: Proporta
Link: Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II Apple iPhone 4S: Women’s
Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II Apple iPhone 4S: Men’s
Price: $39.95

2. Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch (Apple iPhone 4S)

This one’s another lightweight one, but this time it has a slightly more stylish appeal to it; the Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch is a truly beautiful design with a smooth leather feel to the outside and a thin but tough aluminium plating inside the actual leather which offers an intimidating amount of protection, considering it gentle exterior. This is down to the aircraft grade aluminium, which will protect the iPhone 4S against all sort of knocks and crushes.

A lovely pinstripe lining…suits you sir!

My favourite feature is the little pullout tab that lets you remove your iPhone 4S as easy as pie. For those who don’t like gripping a case when handling their iPhone, this one is a must.

By: Proporta
Link: Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch (Apple iPhone 4S)
Price: $39.95

3. Personalised Zagg Skins For iPhone 4S

This isn’t one particular case but rather a whole range of skins that allow you to personalize your iPhone 4S, designing it with your very own bespoke style; you can choose from a range of options, from Sonic the Hedgehog and funky ‘Urban’ designs to animal pictures and nature shots. Alternatively, you can upload your own design from a picture at no extra cost.

Urban, man.

The patented invisibleSHIELD 3mm scratch-proof film assures you that your iPhone will receive ‘military grade protection’; well, I didn’t test whether mine was bullet proof, but it certainly has survived a fair few bumps and grazes in tact. The bright designs of the pictures are of a really impressive and very eye-catching; this really is the best way to ‘Peacock’ your iPhone! On their own, the skins are only $19.99 but you’ll probably want to add the Screen Protection on to that so it bumps the price up to $34.98; not bad for a very funky iPhone cover.

Link: Personalised Zagg Skins For iPhone 4S
Price: $19.99 or $34.98 with Screen Protection

4. Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch for iPhone 4S

Any dapper chaps and chapesses out there should keep their eye’s peeled for this case, which is crafted out of reinvented leather and offers decent protection whilst making your iPhone look lie the last word in decadent style. With its elegant floral pattern lining and six metal eyelets, this has got to be the most plush case on the list; I’m not sure how it would go down at a grubby boozer, but this case will definitely impress on the dance floor of a classy club.

A very suave iPhone case…

Practically speaking, the Kenzo case works on a lot of different levels, with its magnetic closing system keeping your iPhone 4S strapped in safely the case also comes with a wrist strap that will come in handy if you’ve had one two many on a night out or are walking anywhere a little dodgy and need to keep it safe from pickpockets.


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