Stay Safe When Crossing The Road With AIRbudz

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I don’t know about you, but the amount of times that I’ve almost been mown down by passing cars that I don’t hear because my headphones are too loud is actually quite scary. If you want to stay safe and in control while listening to music on the go, check out AIRbudz new kickstarter campaign to launch the worlds’ first alternative earbud solution that allows ambient noise in.

It really is important to stay attentive when walking or biking around; even if you’re on public transportation, it’s good to be able to listen out for notices and announcements. This is why AIRbudz have air channels built into the earbuds that allow you to simultaneously hear music without distortion, while also allowing ambient noise into the ear. AIRbudz fit approximately 70% of headphones with removable earbuds that are currently on the market. All you have to do is replace the noise cancelling earbuds that come with headphones with AIRbudz.

Here’s why you may need a set of AIRbudz…

With the fantastic Kickstarter campaign on the case, AIRbudz are offering one of the first sets of AIRbudz and a carrying case exclusive to Kickstarter pledges for contributors who give at least $10 or more. A pledge of $20 or more give contributors one of the first packages of AIRbudz, an exclusive Kickstarter carrying case and a pair of headphones. Additional pledges include:

  •  Pledge $800 and receive 100 packages of AIRbudz
  •  Pledge $1,600 and receive 100 packages of AIRbudz and 100 headphones
  •  Pledge $3,300 and receive 500 packages of AIRbudz
  •  Pledge $7,500 and receive 500 packages of AIRbudz and 500 headphones

For more information about AIRbudz visit the Kickstarter page.

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Honda San Clemente
posted on 22 May 2012

DEfinitely a good idea for joggers since I’ve heard of cases of some getting hit when jogging. Being able to hear sound is much safer for pedestrians.

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