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TrackR Bravo

3 Hottest Lifestyle Gadgets For Millennials

In this day and age it can be hard for young people to get by; after the recession hit, we saw fewer jobs for less money, resulting in a wave of unemployment and job dissatisfaction. However, millennials are nothing if not resilient and still being young and full of life they bandied together and created [More...]
Now That's A Return: Soldier Wins £13.2m Online After Betting 25p

Now That’s A Return: Soldier Wins £13.2m Online After Betting 25p

How much money does anyone actually expect to win online? Whether it’s cards, bingo or online slots, I reckon that the answer is ‘not very much’. Unless you’re a professional Hold ‘Em player, or particularly adept at the game, you probably play for the pure fun of it. Throw a couple of pounds in, buy [More...]

AutoFindr: Baby, You Can Find My Car

Picture the scene. It’ll be simple, because we’ve all been there. The hour is late. You emerge from the cinema into the dark-shrouded car park, scanning for your vehicle. The keys are ready, primed in your hand. But, alas. You are too hasty. In the dim, popcorn-fueled interim between leaving your car and returning, you [More...]
Textkraft Pocket

Textkraft Pocket: The Swiss Army Knife Of Writing Tools

Do you ever find yourself scurrying around in desperate search of a pen or scrap of paper? And when that invariably fails or backfires when you unknowingly deface an important letter or bill, you turn to the notes section of your phone. Only that’s clogged up with a series of numbers and scribblings that literally [More...]

JimmyCASE: The Destroyer Of Wallets (Not In That Sense)

Are ye olde wallets becoming an antique? In fifty years, will we be looking back and laughing at the bulging pockets of yore? Let’s consider the primary functions of the wallet – carrying business cards and carrying cash (money and cards). The first one’s a write off immediately; who carries business cards around these days? [More...]
cb Time

The Name’s Time. CB Time. The Sleekest App Around.

With the release of the latest Bond outing, Spectre, just around the corner, it seems more than a little apt that the latest app we’ve got in for review is one of the most Bond-esque devices ever to cross our path. As a 34-year-old coder who still lives with his best friend from secondary school, [More...]
Online Slot Machines: Going Global

Online Slot Machines: Going Global

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes in the recreational book. The advent of the internet made access a lot easier for players, and the dawn and continuing reign of smartphones has continued this trend. It is the easiest thing in the world now to pick up your phone and play, and this is reflected [More...]

iPhone Cases and Why they are Needed

Hеrе аrе thе reasons you should get a gооd case for уоur iPhone 6ѕ. It’ѕ Made Of Glаѕѕ An іPhоnе 4 аnd іPhоnе 4S іѕ a ѕtееl frаmе ѕurrоundеd bу nоt оnе but twо раnеlѕ оf a ѕmооth, sleek, frаgіlе ѕubѕtаnсе саllеd glass. Iѕ it that gееktаѕtіс Corning glаѕѕ? Yеѕ, iѕ іt ѕtrоngеr аnd mоrе dаmаgе rеѕіѕtаnt [More...]
Has Bitcoin Changed The Way We Gamble Online?

Has Bitcoin Changed The Way We Gamble Online?

Bitcoin is a prime example of what’s known as ‘cryptocurrency’, virtual currency that is produced and distributed via cryptography software. It was invented in 2008 by a mysterious Japanese entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto, and since its inception has gone from strength to strength. Merchants have a great incentive to accept the currency as fees [More...]

iRig Keys With Lightning: A Kickass, Fully Functional Midi Keyboard For Your iPad

It was with a heavy heart that I heard the news that blues great B.B. King passed away this week, a true original and a valued addition to the pantheon of rock greats. While I would normally pay tribute by trying to ape some of his licks on my electric guitar, I recently received [More...]