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Read Good and Big with GoodReader

The PDF is undoubtedly a tricky format to manage. Great for reading. Appalling to work with. Have you ever tried to copy one of those bad boys into MS Word? There’s a host of online programs, some dodgier than others, that switch, change up, annotate and send out your PDF into anything you want it [More...]
Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes: You Can Play Your Own Way

What does it take to become a hero these days? I’m talking video games here by the way, not saving the life of a drowning child or some equally noble feat. You think virtual heroes, you think RPGs. Sure, RPGs are fun. But don’t you ever get bored of all that ‘grinding’, as the kids [More...]

Control all of your entertainment devices with iRemocon

iRemocon, winner of the 2014 Home Theater Grand Prix Golden Award, brings the future to the present with their voice recognition device. The iRemocon works in conjunction with a smartphone or table app bringing you a beautiful universal remote which also works with many other household devices. With a paid subscription service users can also [More...]
Proporta Leather iPhone 4S Case

Proporta Leather 4S Case: The Last Word in iPhone Cool

Buying a leather jacket is a ticket to instant cool.  Just look at The Fonz, the chaps from Easy Rider and, uh, Prince.  If you want to give your iPhone a boost in popularity, then Proporta have the answer: a distressed leather case for the iPhone 4S. [More...]
STM iPad Air 2

STM Bags Announce New Cases for iPad Air 2

If you’re worried about damaging your iPad Air 2 when you throw it up in the air in elation at finally completing Plunder Pirates (no?  Check it out!), then fret no more.  STM are due to release the Skinny Pro and the Studio to fit Apple’s new tablet and we got a sneak peek at [More...]
Kinivo speaker

KINIVO ZX100 Mini Speaker carries the party in your pocket

“Aah yeah, turn this up bruv!  This is a sick tune!  Come on, pump it up, this my jam…”  No, I’ve never actually uttered those words, but I have felt the frustration of poor audio quality emanating from an iPhone when a song comes on that deserves to be played louder.  Enter, KINIVO’s latest mini speaker, [More...]
Manfrotto KYLP

Say Cheese! Manfrotto Case with LED Light brightens up any picture

Unless you are a professional photographer or have a serious penchant for 1930s nostalgia and run around in a Dick Tracy-esque mac trying to get the skinny on the latest scoop, it’s doubtful that you have an external ‘flash’ for your camera or iPhone.  That’s about to change.  The Manfrotto KLYPAPP that we wrote about last [More...]

STM iPad Mini Dux Case knows how to keep its kit ON

They say that the best things come in small packages; a more accurate saying would be that the most delicate things come in small packages, and proof of this would be the iPad mini.  Drop that little fella without a case on it and it’ll shut down on you faster than Kim Kardashian sheds her clothes when [More...]
STM Harbour

STM Harbour: Not just any old port in a storm

So, you’ve got your sticky mitts on an iPhone 6 and you’re scared to let it out of your sight, let alone ride around with you in your pocket with all of that loose change and sets of keys?  Drop anchor at STM, where the smartphone accessory store have just launched their Harbour case, that [More...]

FanAppic fans get 25% off USB TurboCharger 7000 for the next week!

Oh, we do like to treat our loyal fans and nothing says ‘treat me’ like generous discounts on awesome products.  The folks over at Proporta have generated a 25% discount on their USB TurboCharger 7000 that is live until November 7th.  Yes, yes, you’re welcome, now get over there and get it! [More...]