The Best Way to Protect Your Gifts From Travel Damage

The Best Way to Protect Your Gifts From Travel Damage


Christmas is the busiest time of year for online retailers. They’re snowed under with orders, trying their very best to get them delivered to their rightful homes before that Very Important Date. However, try as they might – over 60% of people have experienced problems with online delivery? As much as you hope and pray that your gifts and items arrive at your door in pristine condition in time for Christmas it’s unfortunately not always the case; so what can you do if your gadgets arrived damaged?

The main thing to know is that if your items arrive in poor condition, it is absolutely the seller’s right to rectify the situation. The Consumer Rights Act highlights this very clearly, and anyone attempting to tell you otherwise is plain wrong. If this situation does occur, remember to bring your complaints to the retailer, not the courier or postal service; the condition of the delivery is the responsibility of the seller, right up until it’s delivered to you.

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You should make any complaints in writing, via email; even if you ordered from somewhere like Amazon Marketplace, you should still have a direct line to the individual retailer in every case. Writing a complaint is preferable to a phone call, as while you might  want to give them a piece of your mind, it’s much preferable to have a visual record of the complaint you send. If the goods are genuinely damaged, you should never have to pay for the cost of return; that burden is all on the retailer. And remember: if they try and fob you off on the courier, don’t take that for an answer! Until the parcel is delivered to your door, it is always the seller’s responsibility.

The single best way to protect your items, gadgets and gifts would be by implementing a solid case for transporting them in; something like The Case Farm would do the trick, with their wonderful array of sturdy, solid cases, capable of housing the most intricate of apparatus. Unfortunately, the transfer of our items is something we hold no control over. When the worst does occur, remember to know your rights so you can deal with the problem efficiently and effectively, and hopefully get a replacement sent out before the big day.


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