10 Best Apps for Movie Lovers

10 Best Apps for Movie Lovers


10 Best Apps for Movie Lovers

Movies are something that we all experience, whether it be for fun, work or in passing. There are documentaries, movies, short-films, music videos, and the boundaries between them are being blurred all the time, creating new categories for movies to be put into. In today’s hectic, on-the-go world it can be hard to find time to keep up with them and sometimes an app holds the answer. And sometimes 10 apps hold the answer. In this article, I list 10 apps that are essential for avid movie fans.

1. IMDb Movies & TV – Updated: March 23, 2011 , Developer:IMDb, Price: Free nullIMDb Movies & TV - IMDb

imdb iphone app review

The definitive movie information source is a must have. If you’re a fan of movies and haven’t heard of this site then you are missing out. It contains information on just about every film and TV show you’ve ever heard of, and even the really obscure ones that you haven’t. There’s trivia, goofs, biographies, review, recommendations, trailers, ratings, release dates and more. This should be your first stop for movie trivia.

2. Movie Quizzle -Updated: November 11, 2010, Developer: W3 Innovations, LLC, Price: Free nullMovie Quizzle™ - Broken Thumbs Apps

movie quizzle iphone app review The average movie buff watches many films in any given month. However, other than in passing conversation, where no score/record is kept of how much movie trivia everyone knows, what other way is there to demonstrate your indisputably superior knowledge? Movie Quizzle has over 1200 questions to test your familiarity with films, both new and old. Questions range from, “Get him to the_____?” to who Katharine Hepburn tied for a best actress Oscar? With multiple-choice options you can test your personal trivia mastery or challenge friends in impromptu trivia sessions. You’ll be surprised at what you know and what you don’t. Oh, and you also win “tix” to purchase in-game trinkets, just because.

3. 6DOH – Updated: January 14, 2011, Developer: Asendu, LLC, Price: £1.19 null6DOH - Thumb Arcade

6DOH iphone app review

The second game app on this list is a lot of fun. Remember that film, ‘Six degrees of separation’, that’s based on the theory of the same name? Well this game is based on that theory, but centred on the world of Hollywood. Hence, the name, ‘Six Degrees of Hollywood’. The idea is that you have to connect up given actors/actresses through the films that they have featured in, finding the thread that links them. For the film buffs out there, this app will be a great addition to your iPhone and as a game to play with friends. Sometimes easy, surprisingly difficult at other times, there is plenty of content and a 2-minute pressure adding time limit for each round will ensure that your desire to show off your movie trivia knowledge will be satisfied.

4. RunPee Mobile – Updated:September 14, 2010, Developer: Rock Software, Price: Free nullRunPee Mobile - Rock Software

For me a big part of the cinema experience is the snacks. Popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix, coke, chocolate bars, etc. And if, like me, you always get the biggest size possible, then no doubt you will experience the same problem as me, suddenly having the need to use the toilet. But that ticket cost you a sizeable chunk of your hard earned pay and there’s no way that you’re going to miss a crucial part of the film just because your bladder isn’t up to the challenge. Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore. Runpee serves one purpose, to let you know where the moments during the film are when you won’t miss any of the vital plot, dialogue or action, and briefly informs you of what does happen. It keeps up to date with films that are currently playing in cinemas and gives you cues when to leave and how long you have. Simple relief.

5. VEVO – Updated: April 25, 2011,Developer: VEVO, LLC, Price: Free VEVO - VEVO

Everyone likes music videos. Okay, maybe not everyone, but for those who do, this app is great. You have, at your Internet enabled fingertips, the power to search for pretty much any music artist in music-video history, and find music videos featuring them. With live performances and official music videos, the whole world of music videos is within your grasp. You’re also given updates on releases, including the latest videos, hottest videos, and premieres. You can sign in to your account and create your very own playlists so you don’t have to search for your favourite videos every time and have the option to share or buy the video. There are also tidbits of Trivia during loading times about each artist, preventing you from being bored during those anxiety ridden 10-15 seconds. With a very clean interface, Vevo is an impressive app.

6. Phone Flicks – Updated: July 2, 2010, Developer: Moov Corporation, Price: Free nullPhoneFlicks - Netflix Queue Manager - Next Mobile Web

The memory of having to trot down to the local video store in order to rent/purchase the latest movie releases is rapidly fading. Phone Flicks is the free iPhone app that allows you to manage your Netflix queues on the go. I recall many a time, whilst out and about, that I’ve seen or been told about a film that I suddenly wanted to see or add to my collection, only to find that I’ve forgotten the name. Well, no more. You easily add/remove/reposition movies in your Netflix queue and keep tabs on your rental history. Phone Flicks also allows you to search their catalogue of over 100,000 movies and check out recommendations and reviews.

7. Orange Wednesdays- Updated: September 15, 2010, Developer: Orange UK, Price:Free nullOrange Wednesdays - Orange UK

There’s a reason that I chose this app over other similar apps is because of the addition of the 2 for 1 Wednesdays ticket offer. Even if you aren’t on Orange’s network, for the cost of a text message you can the 241-code and bring along a friend. However, this would be pointless if the rest of the app didn’t stand on its own legs. It automatically searches for cinemas nearest to your current location or you can specify a location. Near as I can tell, it covers all cinema companies and updates you with film times, summaries and reviews, as well as upcoming features. No hassle, no fuss.

8. My Movies for iPhone Pro – Updated:April 13, 2011, Developer: Binnerup Consult, Price: £2.99 nullMy Movies for iPhone Pro - Binnerup Consult

Do you have a large movie collection, be it physical or in the form of bits? Large enough that you have a hard time keeping track of what is in it? Then this app could be the answer to your quandary. My Movies for iPhone Pro is a convenient and user-friendly way of logging your purchases so that you don’t find yourself accidentally double-buying the same title. You’ll be able to record the name, purchase date, format, genre, and others in order to maintain order in your collection. On top of this, you can keep track of titles that you’ve lent out to friends so that you don’t suddenly find yourself with a smaller stockpile. It’s your very own movie catalogue in your pocket.

9. Location Scout – Updated:April 28, 2011, Developer: Jeff Gilfelt, Price: Free nullLocation Scout - Jeff Gilfelt

This one was surprisingly entertaining. You can, immediately, find filming locations for countless movies. I found out within seconds of first opening the app that ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ was filmed just minutes from where I live; I haven’t even seen the film and I found this fascinating (makes me feel like I should watch it so I can appreciate it fully). The app lists out locations by address and lets you map them out. You can also search by movie title and place name if you are curious of any possible claims to fame. One of those apps that will have you coming back for the novelty value alone, I highly recommend, especially for movie fans.

10. The Oscars – Updated: February 4, 2011, Developer: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,Price: Free nullThe Oscars® - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Heard of this? You’re probably thinking that I’ve misunderstood my own article title and am writing about the 10 best award shows for movies. Not so. First point of interest is that you can make predictions in competition with friends to see who can pick the most winners for the next Oscars. At the time of writing, this is still a ways off, but the opportunity to pick a winner months in advance has distinct gloating rights. Second point of interest is that you can search all past Oscar winners by category or by year. Third point of interest is the updates featuring news, videos and photos, and whilst not comprehensive is still decent for a free app.

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