Worldictionary: Translate that Word….Fast!

Worldictionary: Translate that Word….Fast!


Worldictionary iPhone App Review

Ever found yourself browsing a menu in a foreign restaurant, only to find you don’t understand some of the words in the food descriptions? Well, this Worldictionary application can help! The app can recognise words in 24 languages and then translates them into a different language, as requested by its user.

Pros: This is a very useful app to have when travelling or for any user needing a quick translation. Users have the option to take a quick photo of an unknown word or type the word into the app itself. The app can even recognise text contained in photographs or images. Once the required language is selected, translations appear quickly with the option to hear the translation, which ensures the correct pronunciation. A great feature is that the app can recognise both vertical and horizontal text, which is ideal for Chinese translations. Users are also provided with the option to further search their word via Google, YouTube or Wikipedia. The flash button provided is ideal for when users are in a darkened area, for example; a restaurant with dimmed lighting. The app saves previous words in its history and users can also add bookmarks and share their translations via email and SMS. This is a convenient communication feature.

Cons: This app works better on the iPhone rather than the iPad, as the smaller device is easier to hold, which makes it easier to focus on the required word. The app should also be further developed to recognise all languages in order to fulfil its title of ‘Worldictionary’. In order for the app to work, users must be connected to the Internet, as Worldictionary uses translations from Google services. Users must bare this in mind when using the app abroad, where wireless may not be available or 3G may charge them.


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