Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions Review

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions Review


Final Fantasy Tactics iPhone App Review

In the world of iPhone and iPad apps there are two main camps. The first is the casual games that seemingly every IOS owner is playing. These include games like Angry Birds and often only cost around $0.99-$5. These games blow up quickly because of their relatively inexpensive nature and simply gameplay. Then there is the far less common camp of “hardcore” games. These often require a general understanding of their respective genres and last dozen of hours, but in exchange cost from $10-15. Square Enix, the company behind the legendary Final Fantasy series is positioning itself as a key player in the latter category. Their latest effort is a port of a remake of a cult classic PlayStation game Final Fantasy: Tactics. Has Square done enough to justify the much higher cost? Find out in the full review.

The graphics in the game are quite good when you consider their PlayStation roots. While some minor tweaks have been made to take advantage of the higher resolution, all the original pixel art is used. The additional watercolorstyles cut scenes added in the PSP version are all here and look just as amazing now as they did then. The animations for magic attacks also look really good and surprisingly run at an even better frame rate than the PSP version.

All of the classic music and sound effects form the original PSOne game are intact and if you were a fan you probably appreciate that. New players, on the other hand, maybe turned off by the somewhat old school feel of the sound design. The voice acting during the cut scenes is top notch and are easily the best I’ve hard on an IPhone game.

The gameplay category for a tactical JRPG is somewhat hard to speak of objectively. Both sides take turns moving units and executing attacks. It’s a classic system and one most gamers either love or hate. As a huge fan of tactical JRPG’s the game is bliss to play. For the IOS version of the game special new touch controls were implemented and in my opinion they work even better than a traditional controller.

Bottom Line:
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions is an RPG classic that fans of the genre cannot afford to miss. Whether you’re a fan of the original cult classic, or just a fan of good JRPG’s the price of admission is worth every penny.

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