Worldictionary: Amazing Translator App

Worldictionary: Amazing Translator App


World Dictionary iPhone App Review

Let’s face it- not knowing a country’s language can be a nightmare when traveling abroad. Whether its buying a product that turns out to be something else, or not being able to communicate with your cab driver, it can be awful. Now I’m not about to tell you that there’s an app that will make learning foreign languages a breeze. What I will tell you though, is that there’s an app that will make it a lot easier when it comes to reading foreign languages. It’s called Worldictionary, and it can really help you get out of a jam.

Worldictionary is a translator that uses the camera to see the words. You set it to the appropriate language, point it at the word, and boom, now it’s in russian. So let’s say your driving in Spain, and you need directions, but the map you have is all in Spanish. Well, you just take out your iPhone, open up Worldictionary, point it at a Spanish word, and voilà, now it’s in English! That’s all there is to it! Seriously simple! And incase you’d like to see everything you’ve translated at the end of your trip, Worldictionary keeps track of it all. Just click on the history button to bring up all of your previous translations.

Worldictionary also allows you to translate words that are on pictures in your camera roll. So if you want to translate a whole sentence that’s on a sign, but you’re in a hurry and you really have to go, just snap a picture of it, and you can translate it later! Just bring up the photo, and click on the word you want translated. Want a different word translated? Just keep on clicking. I happen to love this- it doesn’t try to guess what you want translated, it’s waits for you to click on something specific. What’s also great is that is gives you several sources to pull information from. It translates the word using Google Translate, But there’s also Wikipedia and YouTube options, so prepare to be educated.

Even if you’re not a hardcore traveler, this app can still be pretty useful. Sooner or later you’re going to see something that you want to translate, and then you can thank me for introducing you to Worldictionary. And you will thank me, because you will enjoy it. Until then, I’ll be waiting…



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