Piffle Connect: Exciting New Word Game For The iPhone

Piffle Connect: Exciting New Word Game For The iPhone


Piffle Connect iPhone App Review

Piffle Connect is a fun and challenging new word game, compatible for both iPhone and iPad devices! Users must change existing words into new words by adding as many letters as they can from their selection and as fast as possible, in order to gain a higher score. Users have the option to play independently, play against their friends or play against random opponents worldwide!

Pros: Piffle Connect is an enjoyable word game that becomes more challenging as the game progresses. It offers great visual features and sound effects. The three play mode options include single player, local multiplayer mode and Social play mode. This provides users with a range of play options to meet their needs. Multiplayer mode allows up to 4 players on one device, which is ideal when playing with friends. Social play mode is excellent as it allows users to invite friends on Facebook or the Piffle Connect server will randomly match users with opponents from all over the globe! This is a fantastic feature, keeping the app current and up to date with competitors. The three wildcards, which present users with the option to flick letters away, change or clear their tiles, adds a helpful and unique element to the game. Piffle Connect also has the capacity to allow users to play up to 20 games simultaneously, which is pretty impressive! No need to worry about missing a turn, as push notifications will automatically inform you when to play your next move. Overall, a great word game that challenges users and allows them to compete against opponents, whilst being fun and enjoyable.

Cons: The only negative would be that potential users may be reluctant to pay for the app, (although only a small cost), as other word games are on the app market for free. Hopefully, potential users will decide to purchase Piffle Connect, as it will definitely appeal to any word game fans! Overall, a fantastic app!



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