WorldCard Mobile: Instantly Share Your Business Contacts

WorldCard Mobile: Instantly Share Your Business Contacts

All Your Business Cards, All The Time

Have you ever found an app that has left you speechless? And I don’t mean in a bad way. I mean that you try out an app, and after using it for about two minutes you’re like “wow, is this for real”? It doesn’t have to be insanely good, it just has to be something you didn’t know was possible. Or at least, possible on an iPhone. For me, WorldCard Mobile was that app.

WorldCard Mobile is this great app that scans business cards. Pretty simple idea right? But it’s what happens after the scanning that’s awesome. Once you’ve taken a picture of the card, it takes all the information (name, number, address, occupation) and makes a new contact for you, as if you had typed in all the info yourself! It just integrates right in with the contacts app. Honestly, before i tried it, I really didn’t think it would work. But it does it amazingly. Imagine how much time this could save! You meet a new client, boom, three clicks and all his info is in your pocket.

WorldCard Mobile can also serve as a semi replacement phone book, because should you ever want to see a complete list of all the cards you’ve ever scanned, they’ve got it covered. “Card Holder”, which is accessible from the home page, does exactly that, it shows you all of your contacts, as well as a small picture of the actual card next to each name. WorldCard Mobile is also available in several different languages, so be sure to purchase the correct version, depending on what you speak.

This may not seem that amazing to you, but I thought it was incredible how the app could just read anything off of a card and convert it into text. Up until now, I never really used business cards. Now wherever I go, the first thing i do is ask “do you have a card”?



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