Eggs on Papabird: Hopping Madness!

Eggs on Papabird: Hopping Madness!


Eggs on Papabird iPhone App Review

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to play a game that reminds me of the traditional type of fun that can be achieved by just tapping left or right. Much like the old school type of LCD games that many grew up with during the 80s and early 90s before technology advanced and made it possible to have more than two colours on the screen.

Eggs on Papabird is a simple game of hopping from island to island, avoiding hazards such as lethal stepping stones to quick to disintegrate islands and picking up power ups along the way. The game has three ‘buttons’ to push; left, middle and right. Pressing the left will cause your bird to hop to that island and so on.

The most trickiest thing to get your head around is it’s not a case of pressing left or right as we’ve been conditioned to do over the years, but you do have the middle option which can cause you to end up in the water and end your go should you have a momentary lapse of concentration. This is sometimes obvious to say but when you’re racing against the clock, well, accidents happen.

Overall, this game is light hearted, entertaining and pretty addictive. It won’t win many prizes for being the prettiest app to grace the screen, nor will it challenge you mentally, but it will keep you smiling and saying ‘Doh!’ whenever you end up in the drink again.


  • Entertaining
  • A good distraction if you have a few moments to kill
  • For any gamer


  • Pretty repetitive
  • If you have fat fingers, you could be at a disadvantage
  • All the power-ups don’t seem to really do much other than boost your score


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