Wordoku 2012: Like Sudoku but with Letters!

Wordoku 2012: Like Sudoku but with Letters!


Wordoku 2012 iPhone App Review

You’ve all heard of Sudoku so now let me introduce you to Wordoku!

The main rules and principles of the game remain the same, except Wordoku uses letters instead of numbers.


Any users that enjoy the original game of Sudoku are sure to be just as satisfied with this version. For those of you that need a quick game-play refresh, the aim of the game is to fill the grid whilst ensuring any letter can only appear once in every row, column and 3 by 3 box grid. Wordoku have included 50 levels that increase in difficultly, giving users value for money and keeping them challenged.

For all those competitive game players out there, the best scores are achieved by finishing the grid in the lowest amount of time possible and these will then appear in the world game chart.

The app is user friendly with great sound effects. A great time filling option and will resume the game from where users have left it, allowing you to return to your game at a later time.


The app only allows you to start from Level 1 and progress through each level of difficulty in order. However, for those users that like to dive right in at the deep end, the race against the clock to achieve the best scores may deter from this factor.

Overall, Wordoku is another great word game app to add to your collection.


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