4 Hilarious Ways to Prank With Your iPhone

4 Hilarious Ways to Prank With Your iPhone


4 Hilarious Ways to Prank With Your iPhone
There’s no shortage of prank apps available in the App Store, but this recently released prank app is unique in that you can easily install it on an iPhone other than your own. That’s because it’s a web app, meaning you don’t need an Apple ID password to install it.

Gain access to your victim’s iPhone, and you can install iPhoneception in less than sixty seconds. Just visit the website in the mobile Safari browser, select an option and add it to the home screen. Launch it and the prank is set. It’s that simple.

When your victim turns on their iPhone, they’re met with a typical-looking iPhone screen. But when they try to open an app, the fun begins.

1. Explosion

The first option is called “Explosion.” When your victim presses any app icon, it explodes in a burst of flames, adding collateral damage to the app icons around it. Press a string of icons in a row for a fun pyrotechnic show.

Gravity iPhone Prank

2. Gravity

This time, when your victim tries to open an app, all of the icons unexpectedly fall to the ground with realistic gravity physics. What holds up all those app icons anyway?


3. Kittens

This one may just make your victim go “awwwwwww.” Each app icon that’s pressed is replaced by a cute kitten. I Can Has Cheezception?

Zombie iPhone Prank

4. Zombie

This one comes with a strong word of warning. But if you really want to get someone bad, this is the one to go with. When your poor victim tries to activate an app, nothing happens for a second, just enough for them to pause and stare at the screen in slight confusion. Then, out of nowhere, a realistic looking zombie pops up with a loud and frightening scream. Be prepared to catch any dropped phones.

So start planning iPhoneception on your unsuspecting friend. They may be planning it on you first!

Available at: www.iphoneception.com
Price: Free


  1. Hi Henry,

    My 12-year-old daughter was experimenting with your software today. She enjoyed the kittens and the explosions. All was well until she got to the screen that says “TROJAN INSTALL SUCCESSFUL. TRANSFERRING FACEBOOK DATA …”. At this point the screen locks up and we have been unable to restore normal function to her iPhone. Going on about 4 hours now.

    As I mentioned, she’s a 12-year-old girl. She’s pretty upset. Could you email me the procedure to restore normal function to her iPhone.

    Peter Sharpe


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