WixMobile: Create A Mobile-Friendly Website For Your Business (Sponsored)

WixMobile: Create A Mobile-Friendly Website For Your Business (Sponsored)


WixMobile iPhone App Review

If you are at all into computers and website design then you’ll know that actually creating a website takes hours and hours of inputting code and that getting just one letter, dot or dash in the wrong place can spell disaster. Well, with Wix Mobile, these problems could be a thing of the past.

Any business worth its salt needs a website and as the world and his wife now have smartphones, the savvy businessperson will want a mobile-friendly website for people to access when they are on the go. If you browse online on your iPhone a lot (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!) then you will certainly have come across a website that is not optimized for smartphone usage and, well, it isn’t pretty. Wix Mobile aims to eliminate the chance of this happening on your website by making a site that is instantly accessible on iPhones, iPads and Androids; and best of all, it’s free!

The website templates are so versatile that they can apply to any business.

If you log in to the Wix Mobile site, you can quickly set up an account by giving them the usual information and you’ll be ready to start planning your website in minutes. After choosing a template from the impressive range at your disposal, you can edit each different page and section of your website, using very intuitive and simple instructions. You can put your own original slant on each page, which really adds a ‘personal touch’ to the proceedings; a really cool feature of the service is that every week they choose a user’s site that has been created with Wix Mobile and they showcase it on their site as ‘Mobile of the Week’, giving your website free exposure.

I can’t stress enough exactly how simple it is to create the websites; you can add headers, titles and logos to the site at the touch and swipe of a button, add or remove sections on the ‘About’ page, as well as inputting any information or contact details that you want your customers to know on to the separate pages. All of this can be done without any knowledge of coding or getting anyone to help you out and can be accessed from anywhere online; it really is website design for beginners, but with an advanced result.

Choose from a range of fun and funky templates.

Other features include ‘Click-to-call’ and ‘Click-to-text features’ that can be really useful for people who are on the go and want to contact you immediately, via your website; another beneficial aspect is that you can insert maps and directions to your offices or venue.

There’s also the option to upgrade to a premium account for a fee, which offers you your own domain, gets rid of any Wix adverts and comes with unlimited bandwidth, extra storage, Google Analytics site statistics as well as free Gift Vouchers and professional hosting. If you are keen on getting your site taken seriously, I would say that this is definitely worth the cost.


Twenty years ago the Internet was the future. Five years ago Smartphones were the future. We are now living that future and for any successful business to compete in their respective marketplaces, you need to have a smartphone-friendly website; the fact that Wix Mobile can deliver this for free makes getting it pretty much a no-brainer.


  • Easy to use interface and intuitive controls means that you can see results within minutes of logging into your account.
  • Excellent customer service support if you have any questions or queries.
  • It’s free.

Room For Improvement

The adverts can get tedious, but upgrading to a Premium account can eliminate this.

The Wix Mobile site can be viewed at http://www.wix.com/eteam1/mobile-site-builder

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  1. I built my website using Wix and upgraded to the premium account – totally worth it. Also really good for people wanting the free version just to play around with website design.

  2. I think Wix sucks in general. For starters, their mobile sites look like garbage and you can’t view Wix websites on iPhones or iPads. I’d highly suggest using Homestead, SetMySite, or Intuit if you’re looking for an affordable solution. Wix just doesn’t cut it.


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