Bubble Rider: A Migraine Inducing Endless Runner

Bubble Rider: A Migraine Inducing Endless Runner


Bubble Rider iPhone App Review

There have been quite a few games on the iOS store involving running away from a monster with gnashing teeth, jumping over obstacles and collecting stars. And now we’ve got another one to add to the list.

Unlike similar games such as the cartoon-tastic Stylish Dash or the retro wonder that is Canabalt; Bubble Rider is seriously lacking in a few departments.

With quite a charming title screen you may be mistaken in thinking this will be a great looking game; unfortunately the rest of the menus and the actual gameplay itself can only be described as…horrid; with clashing colours and text fit for a personal family website made in 1991. The disappointment doesn’t end there, with boring gameplay, lack of variety and stodgy controls.

Pros: It’s pretty easy to get the hang of, even if it is hard to look at.

Cons: This version feels like you’re playing a beta test of a game that needs a lot of work, every aspect of this game needs to be improved, from the graphic design to the actual content.

After reading the description of the game on the App store, the back story sounds like an interesting idea, involving a hero saving a town from the evil fish RahSalMan…unfortunately none of said back story is spoken about in the game. I say, scrap this whole app, take that interesting back story and start again on a more involved game.


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