What Are The Best iPhone 4 Apps?

What Are The Best iPhone 4 Apps?


As the generations of iPhones go by, each ‘G’ promises something new and exciting, a better version of what has past. With constant improvements being made to the original iPhone model, it would be little wonder if the iPhone 5 sprouted wings and hovers around your head whilst you make calls in surround sound. Well, until the day of the launch comes, (and it doesn’t look as it if it will for a good few months yet), we will have to make do with our iPhone 4’s. The iPhone 4 is a far superior model to its predecessors, seeing as it boasts a smoother exterior, a larger memory and a flash camera, amongst other things. But what about the apps? Which apps are the best for Apple’s most recent iPhone? Which will lend themselves to the super-silky sliding of the crystal clear pixelated screen that puts other smartphones to shame?!


Well, first up has to be iMovie, ($4.99, Apple Inc.), a videography app that allows you to shoot High Definition films on your iPhone 4. The fantastic thing about iMovie is that you can add your own sound effects, music, titles and themes, creating a professional style video that looks as if it has been produced by a Hollywood studio. By using the unique editing software, you can tap your iPhone 4’s screen to trim the length of the clip that you have just shot, zoom in to the timeline and alter the themes of the video at the swipe of your finger. Once you’ve posited yourself as a young Martin Scorcese, you can share your creation with the world and publish on iMovie to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport. Only the iPhone 4 could cope with such advanced software capabilities from an app and retain such crystalline vision.

If you are more of a bookworm than a film buff, then iBooks, ($4.99, Apple Inc.), is definitely for you. Free to download, the real draw for the iPhone 4 version is its beautiful clarity; no longer will your eyes be strained from squinting at a shimmering screen, as the iPhone 4’s clear retina display ensures that you can read for hours before you start to feel a negative effect. You can download thousands of books from the online bookstore, many of which are free, so it is essentially like having a library on your iPhone. You can swipe to turn pages, highlight text and organize your books in a specific order on your virtual bookshelf. Reading just got cool.

For all of the adrenaline junkies out there, Real Racing, ($4.99, FireMint Pty Ltd), has to be among the first purchases for your iPhone 4, seeing as it just looks so smooth and slick on the screen, evoking memories of racing games in the arcade when you were a kid. You can choose from either tilt or touch to steer your supercars around the track as you race other players from around the world in the game’s brand new online multiplayer function!

Anyone who actually drives a real car should be warned not to be as reckless on the streets as you may be on the Real Race tracks; however, if you find yourself constantly getting lost on the road then the TomTom app, ($49.99, TomTom) is a must have. Not cheap at practically 50 dollars, TomTom makes up for the gap in your wallet with incredibly precise directions that will get you wherever you want to go. Available in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, UK and Ireland, your iPhone 4 will be able to show you the best route for your trip whilst instructing you which turnings to take, announcing street names and real-time traffic updates. Oh, and in the new 1.7 version your co-pilot’s voice can be Homer Simpson’s. What are you waiting for?!

If you fancy sound tracking your journey with a selection of your favourite music, then you may want to check out TuneIn Radio, ($0.99, Synsion Radio Technologies). With over 40,000 radio stations to choose from, some of which are local AM/FM stations beamed directly to your iPhone 4, then you will never be stuck for a tune to hum along to. Some of our favourite features include being able to:
• Search for stations by keyword
• Browse stations by genre or location
• Pause live streams for up to 30 minutes
• Rewind and fast forward within last 30 minutes streamed
• Listen to podcasts of radio shows when available

The developers are clearly bang on trend with other music and social networking sites, seeing as TuneIn Radio allows you to Listen to artist station in Last.fm app, view the station’s website and twitter page and best of all, buy any currently playing song on iTunes. A real winner for any true music fan.

To see a longer list of our favourite iPhone apps, check out 100 Best iPhone Apps Ever!


  1. It seems goos. There is lot of amazing apps in iPhone4 I really liked the iMovie & iBooks apps, which have beautiful clarity & sound.


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