5 Incredibly Useful iPhone Apps for Free

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5 Free and Incredibly Useful iPhone Apps

The iPhone has been hailed as one of the greatest inventions of this century, (I know there’s only been 11 years so far, but it just sounds better that way…), but is it really just for media types to play games on while they pretend to work in the office? Well, speaking as a media type who could write a book, (or a blog), on pretending to work, let me tell you that there’s more to the iPhone than completing Angry Birds. Here are the top 5 free iPhone apps that will help you in your day-to-day life.

dragon dictationary iPhone App Review

1. Dragon Dictation – App updated Jan 25, 2011 Developed by Nuance Communications Dragon Dictation - Nuance Communications

Of all of the voice-recognition apps out there, this is by far the most superior. The level of accuracy is frighteningly good as you speak into the microphone and your words appear on the screen in front of you. Once you have finished your message, you can edit and amend any errors and then save or send your text using various social networking sites or just by plain old email. Dragon Dictation works with a wide variety of languages, so no matter what your native tongue is, you can use it anywhere in the world. Once you get the hang of it, (and there’s not really much to get), your ‘typing’ speed will increase by at least 5 times, leaving you wandering what all those wasted hours punching at a keyboard were for?!

bump iPhone App Review

2. Bump – App updated Jan 31, 2011, Developed by Bump Technologies LLC Bump - Bump Technologies LLC

Have you ever met someone who you really wanted to stay in touch with, but you simply didn’t have time to get their contact details down on paper? Well, with Bump, sharing phone numbers, email addresses, photos and much more is now as easy as simply ‘bumping’ phones! With the Bump app, all you need to do is hold your phone against another Bump user and you can immediately begin messaging each other, sharing texts, contact details and even music files with any of your Bump friends. Once you have the app, you can also share your location with other ‘Bumpers’, meaning that you can actually meet up in person and progress your relationship further than just a virtual one!

find my iphone app review

3. Find My iPhone – App updated Nov 22, 2010, Developed by Apple Inc. Find My iPhone - Apple®

When you recover a lost item, there’s always someone who says ‘It’s always in the last place you look’; I always feel like saying, ‘Well, obviously!’, however if you lose your iPhone and you can’t find it, then this can be a real pain, no matter how many ‘last places’ there are that you look. Find My iPhone is an incredibly useful app for the absent minded, as it uses Google Maps and Mobile Me technology to recover lost iPhones. If you do happen to lose your iPhone then all you have to do is get another iOS device, such as another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and enter your Apple ID and password and it will show you your iPhone’s location on a map. You then have the option to display a message or a sound on the iPhone, or wipe the data from it if you don’t think that you can recover it. This really is a very sensible app to install, especially as it’s a freebie.

XE Currency iPhone App Review

4. XE Currency – App Updated: Aug 26, 2010, Developed by XE.com Inc. XE Currency - XE.com Inc.

For any globetrotters out there, this app is an absolute must. XE Currency shows you over 180 currencies from around the world and converts them into the currency rate of your choice. With up-to-the minute updates as well as the last rates being stored on your iPhone, you can also use XE Currency offline to avoid costly roaming charges when abroad, meaning that should you go somewhere with no signal or Wi-Fi, you’ll still be able to get accurate rates. You can view currency charts for every currency pair for the past year, to see how the market is changing; in addition to monetary rates, you can also see the exchange rates for precious metals for all you budding Rockefellas!

Viber iPhone App Review

5. Viber –App Updated: Jan 24, 2011, Developed by Viber Media Inc Viber - Free Phone Calls - Viber Media, Inc.

Saving the best until last, this app could save you hundreds of pounds in phone bills over the next few years. Essentially, Viber is Skype for phones, seeing as you can speak to anyone in the world, (provided they are a Viber subscriber and you both have an internet or Wi-Fi connection), for as long as you like for free. You simply search for them in your contacts and press the Viber call button that will connect you through the Viber network. For those of you worried about going over your data allowance, simply connect to Wi-Fi and the call is totally free, no strings attached! Unlike Skype, you can search for people with their phone numbers as opposed to their email addresses, which is another added bonus.

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posted on 11 February 2011

I am using a few of them but the bump thing is really exciting … .

David Harfield
posted on 11 February 2011

Cool, glad you like it add us on Facebook for daily updates! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/iPhoneAppCafe

posted on 11 February 2011

It jsut doesnt get much better than that now does it?


posted on 11 February 2011

Does find my iphone need an internet connection or wifi to locate it?
what if the iphone’s dead? 🙂 can i still locate it ?

posted on 11 February 2011

Dragon Dictate performance is poor on both my iPad and iPhone unless I speek very slowly.

Peter Johnson
posted on 12 February 2011

To blow my own trumpet a little, a very useful freebie at the moment is MailShot, which lets you email groups of people in any app using a single contact from your address book .

Currently free to use for groups of up to 5 people (but with an IAP it can email up to 50 at once!)


posted on 12 February 2011

Find my I phone doesn’t work for my phone. I downloaded the apps and even I paid for this, but it didn’t work at all. Be aware about it. I don’t know why they are selling if it doesn’t work. It is waste of our money.

posted on 25 February 2011

First time I used the “bump” app, I thought you literally bump the iphones! Not funny!

30 Second Smile Review
posted on 26 February 2011

Dragon Dictate performance is poor on both my iPad and iPhone unless I speek very slowly.

posted on 01 July 2011

love viber call,:)
check my best free apps
iphone articles

posted on 31 July 2011

thank you. i have shared it with my friend. good app for iphone

top 5 iphone video app for creating and sharing

LED Ceiling Light
posted on 31 October 2011

This is something definitely worth recommendation to any Apple fans. Saved and shared. 🙂

Marcellus Benincase
posted on 11 November 2011

Lady Gaga would love to be reincarnated as a ‘mean and tough variation relating to herself in a future life.

David Harfield David Harfield
posted on 21 February 2013

Thanks for the feedback, always great to hear from fans. Check out this article: http://technology.feedfury.com/content/54846802-how-blogging-for-free-helped-me-land-an-editor-s-job.html as it may help to answer some of your questions!

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