New claims that 4th gen iPhone may debut June 22nd

New claims that 4th gen iPhone may debut June 22nd

iphyone 4th generation
iphone 4th generation launch date speculations

A report from ModMyi claiming that Apple may be arranging to launch the next-generation iPhone on June 22nd has been generating some attention despite apparent confusion from a number of rumor sites. According to the report, Apple has booked a venue similar to those of previous iphone launches on that date.

“Although no confirmations have yet come from Apple (naturally), there is speculation that the big reveal could take place on June 22nd. For this particular occasion, Apple has once again reserved the very conference center where the company announced the three previous versions of the iPhone. So all signs, indeed, point to June 22nd proving the 4th gen iPhone’s big day.”

According to the iPhone was launched, and has been upgraded, every year in June or July since 2007. Wired also makes a reference to the blog ModMyi about the booking at Yerba Buena Arts Center on June 22nd.

What can we expect from the new generation iPhone? Well, the rumblings in the ground hint at a higher resolution screen and a front-facing camera. We would also expect to see a bit more memory, perhaps a 64GB model. Other than that, the iPhone is essentially just a slab of plastic and glass, so there isn’t much else to change. Thinner? An aluminium back?

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