Wednesday’s News Round Up: Letterman Praises The iPad 2

Wednesday’s News Round Up: Letterman Praises The iPad 2


The iPad 2 got its official comedy blessing last night when TV host superstar David Letterman gave the latest iPad his trademarked Top 10 treatment.

A number of iPhone users have noted that iOS 4.3 seems to be draining their batteries at a rate of knots: there’s a long thread on the Apple forums complaining about the same issue.  Even with exactly the same settings turned on, people are noticing that their battery life is decreasing rapidly. To find out how to fix this issue, click here.

And we have a new Justin Bieber!!!  Well, not quite, but Rebecca Black has experienced a dramatic rise in YouTube visits, getting over a million hits over the weekend.  Now, cynics may argue that the attention is ironic, or at least sarcastic, as her self-penned ditty ‘Friday’ is hardly going to grant her access to the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame; you decide, by checking it out yourself!  What do you reckon?!


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