Bejeweled 2: Hours Of Addiction

Bejeweled 2: Hours Of Addiction


Bejeweled 2 iPhone App Review
PopCap, creators of the hit game Plants vs. Zombies, has brought their highly addictive phenomenon from Facebook to the iPhone.

This game has far more than just Bejeweled Blitz (the game so popular on Facebook), though. With three different modes to choose from, the game will keep you entertained for hours. If you want to wind down after a long day out; the ‘Endless’ mode allows you take as long as you like as you try to find those precious combinations.

Maybe you’re pumped and ready for a test of your Bejeweling skills? In ‘Action’ mode the player is required to race against the falling green bar at the base of the screen. This bar is kept at a healthy height by smashing gems. You need to think fast! If the green bar reaches the left of the screen it’s Game Over, and if you press ‘Hint’ the bar will drop substantially. It gives good practice for those that like to compete against their friends’ scores in Blitz, which is the all-star, Facebook intergrated game everyone loves.

With a speedy, responsive game interface, this little ‘gem’ is a treat to use. You don’t find yourself pressing the wrong buttons or tiles, and the sound effects aren’t too much of a hindrance. Overall this app is one for those who like the old-fashioned ‘line ’em ups’, with a timeless, family friendly gameplay style.



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