How To Stop iOS 4.3 Draining Your iPhone’s Battery Life

How To Stop iOS 4.3 Draining Your iPhone’s Battery Life


If you are experiencing trouble with your iOS 4.3 in that it is draining your iPhone’s battery life, Apple discussion forumite Lawrence Finch suggests:

“1. Go into Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar, tap on the Exchange account name and turn off the 3 switches.

2. Back out of settings, then open Mail, then Contacts, then Calendar to clear the connections.

3. Reboot the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP until an Apple logo appears, ignoring “Slide to power off”)

4. Go back into settings and turn the 3 switches back on.

You can also do this by deleting the Exchange account, rebooting, and adding it back.

And for Ping, just go into Settings > General > Restrictions and turn off Ping.”

Hopefully that should sort things out!  For more tips and tricks, check out our iPhone Tips section.


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