WalkNText: Review And Promo Code Giveaway

WalkNText: Review And Promo Code Giveaway


WalkNText iPhone App Review

If you’ve ever seen the hilarious video of a woman too wrapped up in her own little text world to see the MASSIVE fountain in front of her, then you’ll be aware of the dangers of texting and typing. Luckily for you (and her!), there is now a solution.

WalkNText offers users the opportunity to walk and type without the fear of falling over or bumping into things; by using your iPhone’s camera, the screen turns into a transparent keyboard, allowing you to type as well as seeing what is coming up in front of you. You can change the colour of the text and keys so that they stand out more, as well as activating the flashlight so that you can walk and type in the dark (I haven’t tried this yet…I’m not that brave, but I dare you to!).

Feast your eyes…

What I really like about the app is that it doesn’t seem to drain the battery when it’s not in use, unlike other apps that have a similarly generic usage, i.e. ones that you use all of the time. You can also type in varying language and get a useful little character count icon, which you can utilise for shortened tweets and texts.

This is what can happen if you don’t get this app!

We want to save you the embarrassment that this woman suffered, so we teamed up with the developer Incorporate Apps to give 5 iPhoneAppCafe readers a free copy of the app! Just paste one of the promo codes into the ‘Redeem’ box in the App Store and away you go!



  1. Good idea. Crap implementation. Cant see the text when typing if ground light colour. Changing text colour etc doesnt seem to help

  2. @Jay Gee

    What do you mean crap implementation, are you mad? This is the only app I found that uses a transparent screen that you can also change the colors of. Not to mention the fact that you can switch to the built in keyboard with a simple click. It must be the competition speaking here!

    Amazing app, trust me!


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