Voucher cloud – Live more spend less

Voucher cloud – Live more spend less

Start saving on food, drinks and much, much more.

App released on Feb 2010, Developed By Invitation Digital, £ Free

While the current economic climate continues to force us to watch our wallets, the Voucher cloud app has been extremely busy saving people money across the UK at some of their favourite restaurants, bars and retail stores. Delivering some very impressive money-saving offers to the palm of your hand, Voucher cloud is widely recognised as the UK’s number 1 money-saving app.

Free to download, the app requests a small one-off fee which represents a small portion of your saving, to ensure the offers continue to roll in as you stop by for that free drink or take advantage of that 25% off your bill voucher. For frequent users you can also subscribe to unlock all the app’s premium vouchers which will offer you hundreds of pounds in savings at big name High street brands and pubs and bars across the UK.

Using it’s intelligent GPS feature, the app automatically recognises your current position, and locates the nearest and best deals available to you whether you’re either in the comfort of your own home or out and about. All you need to do is select your voucher, and simply show it on the screen of your iPhone (also compatible on iPod and iPad) to a member of staff of your chosen eatery or shop who will then make the necessary discount.

At the risk of sounding like a member of the app’s sales team, if you haven’t already got it, what are you waiting for? Start looking after the pennies and the rest will take care of itself. Having made some very nifty savings at various places in the past few months, the app is highly recommended to cut down on your spending. Food, drink, entertainment, leisure, travel and shopping – the app’s slogan really does say it all – Live more…spend less.


  1. Have just downloaded this app and within a mile of my location it has already pin pointed over 15 places where I can save money. I’m looking forward to using it on a regular basis, where I will ne gettig much needed browny points off my wife for taking out more often! Do you think there is a way I can pretent I’m sti paying full price!

    Good app, well thought out and very timely with the increase in living costs just escalating daily.

    Dowload it now!

  2. Great app. Whereas I used to search the internet for voucher codes, print them off and present them at the restaurant, all I do now is use this app when out and about. Best thing is that you dont need to plan where you are going to eat!

  3. This is my favourite app on the iPhone!

    The Vouchercloud app has saved me loads of money, it’s a must download for every iPhone

  4. I was really surprised by the choice on offer here! Ranging from cheap coffee to discounted meals and more. A really worthwhile app and really easy to use when you are and about with access to a printer.


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