Recession busting App Capital Eats saves food-loving Londoners a hefty bill!

Recession busting App Capital Eats saves food-loving Londoners a hefty bill!

Be wary about dining on the weekend; many restaurants only offer the discount from Monday to Thursday. Also, for a limited time only, ‘Capital Eats’ is offering a free ‘taster’, which is a 30% version of the original App…something to whet your appetite!

I know what you’re thinking: £7.99 for an iPhone App?! Don’t you know that the country is in a deep state of economic crisis and that is more than most people spend on their daily food intake?! Well, before you start grumbling about yuppie media types with more money than sense, take a second to read about an App that will actually save you huge amounts of money in the future.

That’s right, the heavy price tag on ‘Capital Eats’ actually serves as an investment, one that you can make back when you first use the App. If you live in or around London, chances are that you are going to want to sample the many culinary delights that its bars and restaurants have to offer. However, the menu prices are often on the high side and this can put many people off the pleasure of dining out, (yes, yes, especially in a recession!)

‘Capital Eats’ provides restaurant-goers the chance to never again pay full price for a meal in London, with customers’ iPhone’s acting as a digital voucher for hundreds of bars and restaurants. It uses Google Maps to show directions to your nearest participating restaurant, with a description of each venue, a price guide and previous customers’ reviews and comments, offering you other’s experiences and opinions of the food and ambience before you go.

The discounts often range from 30-50% off the food bill, for parties of up to 6 people per iPhone. This allows canny customers to dine out at cheaper eateries on a shoestring budget, or the more extravagant diners to enjoy some of the higher priced restaurants that London has to offer at a cut-price rate. A perfect way to wipe away those recession blues with a full stomach…not to mention a fuller wallet!



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