Unusual Accessories for Your iPad

Unusual Accessories for Your iPad


Typewriter for iPad

Here is a list of accessories that are too unusual to be found in your local Apple store; some of them have been manufactured by third party designers, so may only be purchased online. You may also find that some of the devices are available from Apple stores, but that you may also find unofficial versions of them online too. Most of the items on the list are expensive novelties, but some of them do have a real world application.

The iPad charging rocking chair

This is not an accessory you are going to find in your local Apple store. It is a rocking chair with a mount for your iPad attached. The mount is on a flexible stem so that you can pull the iPad closer to your when you sit down. The rocking chair has a generator attached that will accept your charger being plugged into it. As you rock on the chair, the generator runs and charges your iPad. It is a useless invention that you will probably only use once, but qualifies as a very unusual accessory for your iPad.

iPad charging rocking chair

Gloves with conducting pads

Apparently it is the tiny electric charge that we give off that operates most touch screens. This is why they do not work when we try to press the screen with our gloves on. There are gloves however that have small gel attachments on the fingers. They conduct a tiny charge, which means they work on your iPad. These gloves mean that you can use your iPad outside in the cold with your gloves on.

Gloves with conducting pads

The iPad bookcase

Yet again this cannot be found in an Apple store. It is a little bit like a book, but is hollow on the inside and has two wooden covers. Your iPad goes inside the hollow, so that you may carry your iPad around without damaging the screen. It means that you can be fairly rough with your iPad, in the same way you would be with a book. The case offers a lot of protection for if you are heavy handed with your iPad whilst you are not using it. You can also use the case so that you may prop up your iPad on a desk like a photo frame.

iPad bookcase

iPad joysticks

These are physical knobs that you attach to the screen of your iPad. You are able to move the characters on your games by pushing the knobs in the direction you wish your character to go.

iPad joysticks

The iPad cradle

This is nothing more than a TV tray that has been adapted to suit your iPad. It is a device that you place on your lap when you are on the couch. It tilts towards you so that you can rest your iPad on it. You may then use the iPad and press the screen without having to hold the iPad.

iPad Cradle

USB typewriter

This is an old-fashioned looking typewriter that may be used with your iPad. The iPad is mounted where you would normally place your paper (if it were a real typewriter). It acts like a keyboard, except for that, well,  it looks like an old-fashioned typewriter.

iPad USB-Typewriter

The waterproof case

This is a plastic case on a string that is waterproof. It is good for if you go swimming and have to put your iPad in a locker in a steamy changing room. It is also handy if you keep getting caught in the rain…

iPad waterproof case

The iPad stand

This is a heavy base with a stem attached. The stem is flexible so that you can bend it to whatever position you desire, but is strong enough so that it will hold its shape–even whilst you are pressing on the iPad screen. This seems like a good idea, but if you do not find a comfortable position, you will find that your arm gets tired. It is handy for watching TV shows and movies on your iPad though.

iPad stand

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