Typing Maniac: Making use of your iPhone keyboard

Typing Maniac: Making use of your iPhone keyboard

Typing Maniac iPhone App Review
Give your fingers a much-needed workout.

Parental advisory: highly addictive. Move aside DoodleJump, there’s a new kid in town. The aim of this game is to correctly type each of the falling words to destroy them. Typing quickly and accurately yields bonuses, and some words even hide spellbooks that grant special power ups. There are 4 different books, each with a different power, and you can horde as many as 3 of each book. Sounds easy? Think again! The speed at which the words fall increases, and when they reach the bottom they are destroyed and your paperwork mounts up, causing you to lose life. Sounds about right!

The game includes support for the retina display, and the music and sounds are cheery enough that you will want to keep them on while you’re engrossed in this amazing game. MetroGames also included Twitter, Facebook, OpenFeint, and Game Center integration, so there is no reason for you not to play against your friends.

At £0.59 this game is a real steal. You’ll be kept entertained for hours upon end, or until your fingers are so worn out you need to take a break. Fun for all ages, it’s a must have for those who like to whip out their phone between train stops and on bus journeys.


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