Tube Map:Get round on the London tube like never before!

Tube Map:Get round on the London tube like never before!

Tube Map iPhone App Review
Commuting just got a lot easier.

Surely I’m not the only one to ever get so overwhelmingly confused by the London Tube, that I had to shamefully admit defeat and approach a member of staff for help? Not anymore with Tube Map! It’s an easy to use London Underground guide, featuring a clear user interface for seamless navigation. The selling point of this app has to be the easy to use Route function. Simply fill in your start station, and your intended destination, and the app will work out the rest for you. Planning to leave from Westminster station? Use the ‘Departures’ function to find what time each line leaves from set station.

Perhaps you’re lost in the centre of London. Tapping the ‘My Location’ compass in the top right corner of the app will help you find the closest station, what line you should use, and also what time the train will arrive. What more could you ask for?

The recently released ‘TubeMap Pro’ also allows you check the balance on that all-important Oyster Card, so there’s no reason for you to get caught at those barriers anymore. With the standard version still free, and the Pro version only costing £0.59 at time of writing, what’s holding you back? Other than the fact you may have no use for the app…but at that price, I would MOVE to London just to use it!

With all icons and images suitable for the Retina Display on the new iPhone 4, and great functionality, this app is very deserving of 4 stars. I’d give this wonderful app 5 if it also recognised the national rail stations in, and around, the city. All in all, this app is beautifully put together, and a must have for all students, travellers, tourists, and even everyday commuters!


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