Tube Exits: Never Be Late For Work Again!

Tube Exits: Never Be Late For Work Again!


Tube Exits iPhone App Review

If, like me, you face the daily hell that is the London rush hour tube commute, read on. Here is an app that makes the bold claim to save you ten minutes on your average peak hour journey.

In the dog-eat-dog world that is the daily tube commute, a slight head start can mean: avoiding the shuffling along the platform (where you inevitably get stuck behind the person with the suitcase), reaching the escalators before the queue backs up, making it to the platform before it becomes packed and might even (gasp) lead to your getting a seat! Tube Exits tells you which carriage on which end of the train to board so that you arrive right by the platform exit for your interchange or to exit the station, enabling you to scoot off before the masses descend. (Please note it doesn’t promise those who download it a daily tube seat. I would pay quite a sum for that app.)

This has been tried and tested by me many times and really is quite a nifty little piece of insider information. One of the major draws is that it can be used whilst underground, so is great for last minute journey adjustments and re-routing. It also has a shortest journey calculator and I particularly like the ‘which side of the carriage you will get off’ option. Getting trapped in a crowd of commuters against the door on the opposite side of the carriage to where you want to disembark is hellish. With Tube Exits the elbow bashing can be avoided – everyone’s a winner!

I think this app is great – it does exactly what it says it will. My only concern is, if all the commuting Londoners download it, will the interchange carriages descend into commuter chaos while surrounding carriages sit empty with the bewildered few who have not discovered Tube Exits?

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